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New Barrages & Cakes for Firework Season 2017 Part Two

We’ve been introducing all our new fireworks for firework season 2017 and this time it is time to take another look at barrages and cakes – we have so many of these new in that we broke it down into two, and you can read part one here. We have got plenty of stunning options available providing lots of noise and colour for your display.
This is our final look at new fireworks by category, although we’ll be moving onto a breakdown by brand for those of you who like buying fireworks from your favourite brands.
The following barrages and cakes also come with exciting offers and cheap price tags. The prices mentioned in the post were correct at the time of writing on September 5th. But since things can change in the world, you do want to recheck the price from our website before purchase.

Backyard Battles by Tai Pan

Tai Pan has sent us this fantastic firework and we’re currently offering it with a £10 discount. The firework comes with a huge amount of effects from chrysanthemums to crackling comets. No wonder it lasts for an impressive 90 seconds and in total, fires 100 shots! Backyard Battles is available to buy for £39.99.


Splitter by Skycrafter

Splitter fires 100 shots in 45 seconds, filling the night sky with red crossettes. The cake comes with mixed firing patterns, as you start with straight, move on to a W-firing pattern before switching twice more to V- and Z-firing lines. Now, Splitter typically costs £129.99 but we’ve slashed half of it off and are selling it for just £64.99.


Pyro Junkie by Absolute Fireworks

Absolute Fireworks has its own Black Label range of professional fireworks and Pyro Junkie is the newest addition to the range. The stunning cake features a Z-firing pattern and an impressive amount of effects from brocade to palms. You can purchase the 100-shot cake for £69.99.


Raging Inferno by Skycrafter

If you are looking for something colourful, then you must check out Raging Inferno. The firework has an amazing range of bright colours from pink hues to bursts of blue. Raging Inferno is currently just £89.99, which is a 40% reduction to its original price.


Raise the Roof by Skycrafter

Skycrafter keeps on adding fantastic fireworks to our collection and we keep on offering them at stunning prices. Raise the Roof is currently 44% off the original price and you can add it to your display for £89.99. You definitely want to do it, as the 80-shot firework lasts for 45 seconds during which you’ll get to enjoy gold brocade, blue stars and fizzy palms.


Redemption by Skycrafter

Yes, one more stunning 80 shot cake from Skycrafter. Redemption is seriously a monster of a firework with thick gold brocade mines rising to heights of 20 metres. You’ll also see huge bursts of colour and loud titanium salutes. Impressive and it’s 44% off and costs just £89.99 in our online store.


Monkey Business by Jonathan Fireworks

Silver strobes, comet tails and bursts of red, purple and green are all part of the 30-second display that calls itself Monkey Business. This 18 shot cake is a wonderful addition to a display that sets to be colourful and funky. You can buy Monkey Business for £9.99.


Evils Edge by Tai Pan

Evils Edge is an impressive 40 shot cake that lasts for 30 seconds. While it packs quite a punch, it’s still suitable for a garden display – you only need 8 metres of safety distance with it. You can save £10 and buy Evils Edge for £19.99, adding purple rain and gold brocade to your display.

That is eight more barrages and cakes we’ve added to our store for 2017! You’ll probably agree with us that these are great fireworks to use on their own or as part of a bigger display.
Whether you are throwing a Bonfire Night party or a Halloween party, these barrages and cakes will add plenty of ‘bang’ to your entertainment. We here at Firework Crazy hope you enjoy these new fireworks as much as we do!

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