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New Barrages & Cakes for Firework Season 2017

As we move towards the end of our new fireworks series, we’re looking at the new barrages and cakes we have in for fireworks season 2017. In fact, there are so many great new fireworks in this category that we’re dividing this post into two! Look out for the second post later this week!

The prices below are correct as of October 9th. Although we are always looking to provide you with the cheapest prices, we might occasionally make changes to our pricing. Therefore, check the prices from the website before you make the purchasing decision.

So, let’s get started with the first glimpse of our new barrages and cakes.

Mad As A Box of Frogs by Jonathans Fireworks

This cute little cake comes with 25 shots and a 30-second duration. The effects range from comets to flower balls and the firework is suitable for low noise displays. What’s even more impressive is the price – Mad As A Box of Frogs is just £7.99.


Martian Invaders by Benwell Fireworks

Benwell Fireworks has provided us with a true cracker. This firework fires 19 shots in a straight firing pattern in rapid succession. It’s a perfect cake to pair with bigger rockets and mines. Martian Invaders only costs £7.99 as well!


Immortal Jellyfish by Skycrafter

Skycrafter has great fireworks that we love and Immortal Jellyfish might become one of our favourites. The 12 shot cake fires bursts of brocades and stars in the air in a straight firing pattern. If you purchase it now, you can enjoy our stunning Buy One Get One Free offer, with Immortal Jellyfish having a price tag of £12.99.


Button Moon by Skycrafter

Button Moon is another new Skycrafter product and we have the Buy One Get One Free offer available for this 12 shot cake as well. Button Moon’s effects focus more on strobe effects and it comes with beautiful bursts of white, orange and blue colours. Like Immortal Jellyfish, Button Moon costs £12.99.


Snowflake to Avalanche by Skycrafter

We’re not done yet with Skycrafter and Buy One Get One Free offers! Snowflake to Avalanche is another 12 shot cake you can enjoy for just £12.99 – and get one free! This one is all about tails and willows with stunning colours of red, green, blue and lemon to brighten the night sky.


Pharaoh’s Tomb by Benwell Fireworks

Pharaoh’s Tomb is another lovely cake suitable for garden parties. The vertical firing pattern features 42 shots in the space of 35 seconds. The firework has a lovely mixture of red, green and silver effects. Pharaoh’s Tomb is currently available for £24.99.


Nutty Carnival by Skycrafter

You can enjoy 36 shots in 45 seconds with Nutty Carnival. The cake features beautiful crackling palms in red, green, blue, purple and lemon. You can now enjoy 40% off Nutty Carnival and buy it for £29.99.


Festival by Skycrafter

We’re also giving you 40% off Festival, which is a fantastic new 36 shot barrage. The firework is full of loud bangs and the brocade crowns and bursts are full of colour. The barrage fires the shots in a straight firing pattern and the Festival is currently available for £32.99.


The above ten barrages and cakes are just a glimpse of our new fireworks for firework season 2017. Stay tuned for our second post of new barrages and cakes and check out the previous blog posts about new fireworks on our blog. With these masterpieces you will be able to create magical displays whenever you hold your firework displays across the end of the year!

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