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New Compound Fireworks for Fireworks Season 2018 Part 2

Compound fireworks are the perfect way to sort out your firework display. That’s why we love adding new compound fireworks to our collection. Here’s what’s new in 2018.

These big and bold fireworks use pre-fusing to create a single ignition firework to cover all the bases. With compound fireworks, you get to enjoy a range of effects and colours without the need to run back and forth lighting your fireworks. These are fun and straightforward!

We already showed you five of our new compound fireworks for fireworks season 2018. You can view these here. Now it’s time to share the rest of the newcomers.

The prices mentioned in this post were correct at the time of writing on September 6. We might occasionally have to change the prices so always check the website for the latest information.

The Beast from the East by Celtic Fireworks

Just as the name suggests, this firework is a true beast. During the 120 seconds, you’ll get to experience 292 shots and see effects like crackling mines and strobe effects. This compound has pre-fused four different cakes, creating a stunning firework display of colour, sound and effect.

You can buy The Beast from the East for £249.99 and save £30 from the original price.


High Velocity by Pyro King

Pyro King has a range of great compound fireworks and one of the newest ones is High Velocity. This firework uses four cakes, creating so many effects and colours that you really need to watch the video below to see what we mean. The compound firework packs 3.49 kg worth of explosives, firing 200 shots in the space of 165 seconds!

The best part is that you can save £50 and buy High Velocity for just £349.99 on our website.


Zenith by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Brothers Pyrotechnics always delivers the goods and Zenith is a compound firework that will impress. The firework fires 414 shots, creating a flurry of colours on the night sky. There are multiple firing patterns to observe and you’ll witness 4 kg of explosive powder disappearing with this firework.

We love Zenith so we’re offering it with a £100 discount on our website. Go and find Zenith for £374.99, as pre-orders for November 5th are open!


Trafalgar by Total FX

Finally, our last new compound for fireworks season 2018 is Trafalgar. This four-cake compound fires an impressive 207 shots in the space of three minutes. If we were to give you just a taster, we’d talk about the beautiful willows and tails at the start breaking into massive palms with waterfall effects. We’d mention the dahlias and the chrysanthemums. You could also just check the video below to see the whole thing in action!


You can find Trafalgar for £179.99 and save £10.


We think compound fireworks are great. They will sort out your display needs in an instant and you get to enjoy the best of fireworks without the hassle. A compound is the perfect pick for when you want to enjoy fireworks but without having to think too much about it.

So, pick your favourites from our selection of new compound fireworks for 2018 and create a stunning show with ease!

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