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New Compound Fireworks for Firework Season 2019 – Part Two

A good compound firework can add a lot of firepower to your show. The mixture of firing patterns, colours and effects mean you can use them as standalone firework or use them as one element of your displays with rockets and cakes. This year, we have a lot of new compound fireworks!

Please note the prices quoted below were correct at the time of writing September 4. While we always thrive to keep prices low, we might occasionally have to change them around and certain offers are limited time only.

Royal Party Compound by Standard Fireworks

This wonderful 180-shot compound has lots of variety in effects and firing patterns. It creates a lovely, professional-looking show that goes on for an amazing one minute and 30 seconds. You’ll get to witness wonderful glittering effects with a nice whistling sound to it all.

We’re currently offering Royal Party Compound for £134.99, with 10% off the original price.

Surprise Me by Celtic Fireworks

Surprise Me is bound to become a classic. The four-cake compound fires a stunning 146 shots, creating many cool effects from gold palms to crackling willows. The firework lasts for 125 seconds and it requires a 20-metre safety distance. It’s a spectacular compound firework with a stylish and glamorous feel to it.

You can buy Surprise Me for £149.99 with a 19% discount available right now.

Showtime Compound by Jonathans Fireworks

When it comes to compound fireworks, it doesn’t get much bigger than this! Lasting nearly two minutes and 30 seconds, Showtime Compound produces 184 shots full of colour and effects. This compound looks professional and it would work wonderfully as a standalone display. If you want coloured strobes, pistils and crosettes, then pick this amazing compound.

Enjoy 15% and buy Showtime Compound firework for £219.99.

Primeval by Brothers Pyrotechnics

For 130 seconds, you’ll be able to enjoy a stunning 398 shots with an array of firing patterns to keep it interesting. This compound is made of four cakes and its effects are so varied it would be impossible to name them all. You’ll have lots of whistles, glitters and tails with plenty of colours thrown into the mix.

Find Primeval for £229.99 with 30% right now.

Signature C239MSIG by Klasek

Klasek’s C-Signature series is popular and the brand has added a ton of new compounds for the line-up. This one lasts for an impressive 180 seconds during which it fires 239 shots. The compound has a beautiful range of colours and it’s definitely the one to get when you want to brighten up your display. It also uses layering well, creating a stunning, professional finish.

We’re currently offering Signature C239MSIG with 18% off, meaning the compound costs only £269.99!

Exorcise Your Demons by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Brothers Pyrotechnics always comes with the goods and Exorcise Your Demons is a wonderful proof of that. The four-cake compound lasts well over two minutes, firing 290 shots that burst into a range of colours. You can enjoy effects like willows, tails and brocade. It’s a very stylish firework that could be a great addition to a display or used as a standalone firework.

Buy Exorcise Your Demons for £293.99 and enjoy 30% off.

The Greatest Showman by Brothers Pyrotechnics

But what if instead of a single compound you were to get your hands on three? With the Greatest Showman this is possible and affordable! The huge compound has three individual compounds that you can either use on their own or link them together to great a long-lasting firework display. Linking the compounds is easy and safe, especially if you use our remote control firing system.

The compounds last for 200 seconds each with a massive 1292 shots altogether. You get lots of colours, effects and firing patterns. This is definitely a must-have for Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve!

You can buy the Greatest Showman for just £699.99 with a whopping 30% off the original price.

What are you waiting for? Check out our website for the above compounds and all the other new fireworks for firework season 2019!

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