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New Compound Fireworks for Firework Season 2018 Part 1

Nothing is more exciting to us than adding new fireworks to the shop! We have a range of new fireworks we’ll be introducing to you in the coming weeks in this blog.

Let’s start things off with a bang by examining the new compound fireworks for firework season 2018. These are big, bold and you get a proper fireworks display in a single package. If you want something easy, fun and impressive, you should consider getting a compound firework.

While we are always striving to offer the lowest firework prices as possible, we might occasionally have to change the prices. The below prices were correct at the time of writing on September 6.

Our new collection of compound fireworks will take two blog posts to go over, as we have many new fireworks to show. So, let’s get started with the first batch of new compound fireworks!

Smash That by Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks always comes up with the goods and Smash That is a stunning compound once more. It’s a combination of four fireworks pre-fused to create a 90-second display for you to enjoy. The firework shoots 157 shots, with the effects ranging from stars to whistling tails. While it’s massive, you can buy it for smaller garden parties, as you’ll only need an eight-meter safety distance.

Smash That is available for £129.99, saving you £20 from the usual price.


The Entertainer by Skycrafter

The Entertainer is another fantastic compound firework. This one contains three pre-fused fireworks and fires 104 shots into the night sky. It’s a fun firework that also works in smaller gardens. We don’t have the video for this firework yet but we’ll be adding it up on the website soon!

What we do have to show you is a massive offer. You can buy The Entertainer for half price, costing you just £117.49. You can pre-order for November 5th right now and have a huge celebratory display ready for you on the big night.

Rise of the Dawn by Pyro King

Pyro King has quite a few new compounds out this year and Rise of the Dawn is an amazing, action-packed firework. You’ll get to enjoy 150 shots in the space of 90 seconds. The colours include red, purple, green and silver, causing an explosion of colour on the night sky. It’s fast and it’s fun!

You can save £30 and buy Rise of the Dawn for £129.99.


Savage Skies by Pyro King

The other big new compound by Pyro King is Savage Skies. This is a bit bigger than the previous compounds and it’ll require a safety parameter of 25 meters. The compound shoots 150 shots and lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It’s packed with effects, containing whopping 15 different effects!

You can get Savage Skies for £255.99, which will provide you with a saving of £40.


Noisy Neighbours by Absolute Fireworks

This four-cake compound is a great pick. You get to enjoy 110 shots in the space of 146 seconds. The first cake will feature bore effects, while the second cake will be a quick firing fan. In the third cake, you’ll experience straight shots into the air, while the final cake is all about creating a monstrous fanned finale! It’s fun and colourful – and despite its name, your neighbours are going to love it!

You can find Noisy Neighbours with a £20 discount for £144.99 on our online store.


If you want a carefree firework display, then a compound firework is a good pick. With these new compound fireworks for fireworks season 2018, you’ll have a lot of fun! Stay tuned for more, as we got a few more new compound fireworks in store for you!

View New Compound Fireworks for Firework Season Part 2 Here

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