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New Compound Fireworks for Firework Season 2017

The nights are getting darker, autumn is coming, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to bring out the fireworks and light up the night sky once more!
The great news is that, as always here at Firework Crazy, we have the biggest and best range of fireworks in the UK with the best prices and deals to give all our customers the very best value.
As the fireworks season is soon getting to full swing with Halloween, 5th of November, and the Christmas season, we wanted to give you a glimpse of the great new fireworks available from our collection.
Remember we’ll be firing all our new fireworks for 2017 at our Firework Review Night on September 23rd.
All prices quoted are correct as of 4th September 2017. While we are the cheapest retailer in the UK, we may from time to time need to increase prices or change deals. So remember to check our website and the links below for updated information.
Now, what new compound fireworks do we have in for 2017?

Big Bad Boss by Absolute Fireworks

Big Bad Boss is just as the name suggests: a huge three cake compound firing over 100 shots and lasting nearly two minutes. The bores keep getting bigger as the firing continues so it’s going to create quite a light show in the sky.
Buy Big Bad Boss for £124.99.


Agincourt Compound Display by Total FX

Total FX is known for their use of vivid colours and big bursts and the new Agincourt compound firework continues this trend. You’ll get to witness 99 shots, firing to heights of over 20 metres and again lasting for nearly two minutes. This compound firework is a great mixture of different effects and the firing patterns change along the way.
Buy Agincourt Compound Display for £129.99.

Total FX has also updated the popular Caged Tiger Pro compound. If you want a cake with massive bursts and plenty of colours, then you might want to consider this stunning compound.

The Real Mackay Compound Display by Skycrafter

Another new compound firework with bright colours is the Real Mackay by Skycrafter. This particular compound firework lasts for a minute in which it will fire 104 shots in a mixed firing pattern. It’s such a beautiful firework that it’ll add a professional feel to your firework display.
Buy The Real Mackay Compound Display for £114.99.


Neighbour From Hell Compound Display by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Brothers Pyrotechnics never cease to provide us with stunning new fireworks. In 2017, they’ve given us a wide range of exciting new ones, including the Neighbour From Hell compound firework. The cake lasts for two minutes firing 81 shots in a mixed firing pattern. You’ll get to enjoy bursts of colours – the red, white and blue explosions are vivid and fun.
Buy Neighbour From Hell for £139.99.


Pyro Pro Compound Display Brothers Pyrotechnics

The other new compound firework from Brothers Pyrotechnics for 2017 is the Pyro Pro. The three-minute display will burst red and silver glitter across the sky, with effects such as chrysanthemums and brocade crowns adding to the fun.
Buy Pyro Pro Compound Display for £229.99.

Retribution Compound Display by Zeus Fireworks

Now, if you are looking for the real deal – the big monster to add to your displays – you want to add Retribution to your shopping cart. The compound firework will treat you with 200 shots in the space of just 80 seconds! The firework starts with a vertical firing pattern, changing into V formation, and starts volleying titanium whistles. After that, it’s just pure madness.
Buy Retribution Compound Display for £224.99.

When it comes to massive fireworks, compound fireworks will offer you plenty of value for money. Where fireworks are not presently in stock (as of 4th September 2017) pre-order your fireworks from our website and ensure your November 5th display is the talk of the town.
Don’t forget to check our other fireworks – we’ll be sharing all our other new fireworks in the coming days and weeks, so keep coming back to the blog and don’t forget to like our Facebook page, too.

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