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New Cat2 Garden Fireworks for Fireworks Season 2017

The annual Firework Crazy rundown of the new fireworks in our range continues with the impressive new Cat2 Garden Fireworks we have in stock for 2017.
As ever, we try to provide the lowest prices for our customers. The below prices and deals were correct as of 13th September 2017. However, we might have had to change the deals so do double check before you buy.

Blue Moon by Benwell Fireworks

Blue Moon is an exciting garden firework with a difference. It’s actually a wheel rather than a typical mine or rocket. The wheel lasts for 30 seconds and it produces silver and blue sparks.
You can buy Blue Moon for £6.99.

Bangers & Flash by Jonathans Fireworks

This brocade mine style firework shoots bursts of stars and brocades to heights of 15 metres. The colourful show lasts for 30 seconds and you’ll get to enjoy quite a crackling display of sounds and colours.
You can buy Bangers & Flash for £14.99.

Cheery Cherries by Jonathan Fireworks

Jonathan Fireworks has another superb garden firework out. You might even remember a similar product from them called the Cheeky Cherries. Well, this time it is Cheery Cherries with a 35-second display of crackling chrysanthemums and red tails. It’s a perfect little firework to add to a display.
You can purchase Cheery Cherries for £14.99.

Midnight Storm by Benwell Fireworks

Midnight Storm is an impressive garden firework. It shoots 19 shots 15 metres above ground in a straight line. The shots last 35 seconds with plenty of colours – the finale is a crackling palm to wow the audience.
You can buy Midnight Storm for £19.99.

Firework Fanatic by Jonathans Fireworks

In terms of impressive garden fireworks, we can’t wait for you to see Firework Fanatic. The large bore shoots 25 fireworks in the space of 30 seconds. You’ll be treated with mines and palms with glitter and strobes thrown in. This firework is a showstopper!
You can buy Firework Fanatic for £29.99.

Sapphire Crown by Zeus Fireworks

You might also like the low noise firework by Zeus Fireworks. The 25 shot firework shoots beautiful whistling spinners in the height of 15 metres and finishes off with a stunning crackle. It’s simple and sweet.
You can purchase Sapphire Crown for £29.99.

Waterloo by Benwell Fireworks

Once you stop singing the famous Abba song in your head, you might want to check out the below video of the Waterloo firework. It’s a fantastic 100 shot cake that fires in a z-firing pattern. All the shots take place within the space of 40 seconds so you are going to have to admire it fast!
You can get Waterloo for £29.99.

Twisted Turtles by Jonathans Fireworks

You can enjoy quite a show with Twisted Turtles. The 45-second firework shots 49 impressive shots. In terms of effects and colours, there is going to be plenty of serpent trails, silver strobes, and silver chrysanthemums – a bit of everything for all!
You can buy Twisted Turtles for £44.99.

Krazy Krakatoa by Jonathans Fireworks

Finally, your garden party should consider this monstrosity from Jonathans Fireworks. The 100 shot firework stars with rapid comet stars before impressing you with silver strobes and crackling. It lasts for 50 seconds, shooting in a straight pattern all the way up to 20 metres.
You can purchase Krazy Krakatoa for £59.99.

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