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More New Fireworks for Firework Season 2016

Last week we brought you the first in a series of blog posts featuring all our new fireworks for the 2016 firework season.
This followed on from our posts earlier in the year that looked at the new fireworks that came in earlier in the year. You can check out these at the links below.
Hot New Fireworks for 2016
More Hot New Fireworks for 2016
Even More Hot New Fireworks for 2016
As we went through the new list as you find it by default on our new fireworks page – ordered by price – the list provided some incredible deals and prices.
Remember that as well as all out hot new fireworks we have the best range of fireworks deals and offers anywhere in the UK.
If you’re reading this prior to 23rd September 2016, you can also take advantage of our 20% Extra Free Fireworks Promotion.
All of these fireworks will also feature in our Firework Review Night on Saturday 24th September.

More New Fireworks for Firework Season 2017

Now you know everything going on at Firework Crazy, let’s look at some new fireworks shall we?
Any quoted prices are correct at time of publication (14th September 2016) however we cannot guarantee prices or deals will remain the same forever.

Pepper by Lesli Fireworks

A great little novelty firework this one. With eight shots fired out over 15 seconds, it’s a great addition to any display. Shots are varied, with silver mines and hummers coming from this one.
Check out Pepper by Lesli Fireworks before you buy it in the video below, or buy it here.

Base Jump

Available at time of publication on a Buy One Get One Free Offer, we can’t really say much more about Base Jump than what you’ll learn from the video, so we’ll let this great firework speak for itself.

Buy Base Jump and Buy One Get One Free!

Viva La China by Lesli Fireworks

This is a brilliant firework for a number of reasons. First, it’s just an all around great firework, giving you 45 seconds of action for just £6.99. Second, it’s a new type of firework here at Firework Crazy, giving it that added novelty value.
A unique fountain, you just light the one fuse and all four mini fountain-fireworks light in turn. Check out this cool firework below or buy Viva La China here.

Mystic Fountain by Planet Fireworks

A fantastic low noise fountain, Mystic Mountain gives you 90 seconds of fun with multiple effects.
You can buy Mystic Fountain here.

Lesli Fireworks Spinner Pack

A somewhat unique firework in that it won’t work from your usual firing surface of grass or dirt. For this spinner pack a solid flat area is needed, so if you don’t have a driveway or patio, don’t buy it.
If you are able to use this Spinner Pack though, then it is a great buy!
Check out the video below or buy it here.

Angel Dust by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Our final firework of today’s post is this beauty from Brothers Pyrotechnics, and might win our favourite box design of the year aswell!
Back to the firework though, and Angel Dust is the first pure mine cake we’ve stocked in a while, giving you 20 shots of gold brocade mines into crackling or coloured tips. Another low noise firework for the list aswell if you’re conscious of disturbing the neighbours!
Buy Angel Dust by Brothers Pyrotechnics here or check out the video below.

Buy Fireworks from Firework Crazy Now!

With so many great offers and new fireworks, can you afford to wait before buying? Pick up the best deals and stock up for November 5th now so you’re guaranteed the best deals and also ensure the fireworks you want are sure to be in stock and available from Firework Crazy.

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