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More Hot New Fireworks for 2016

Last week we brought you the first instalment of our Hot New Fireworks for 2016 feature. Now, we look  at more of the fireworks featured on our New Fireworks for 2016 page that we were unable to feature last time.
Remember to keep coming back to the Firework Crazy blog, as in the coming weeks we’ll feature more new fireworks as well as all the videos of fireworks that we’ve had in to test, but that aren’t yet in stock for sale online or in-store.
Speaking of online or in-store, that’s where you can find all the fireworks we’re about to look at. Head over to the new fireworks page now to get all the details you need, or if you’re nearby and fancy visiting our showroom, get yourself here and we’ll stick the kettle on while giving you all the fireworks you need for an incredible display, whether you’re having a few friends in the garden or have a venue hired for a huge event.
Here are more hot new fireworks for 2016.
NOTE: All prices are correct as at March 29th 2015, prices and special offers are subject to change.

Celtic Fireworks The Tremor

It’s safe to say that the name tells you pretty much all you need to know about the ferocity of this firework, but we’ll add some meat to the bones for you anyway.
An incredible 880g of powder is packed into this firework, with 40 shots firing out over 30 seconds. A loud firework and part of our 1.3G range, Tremor fires 8 banks of 5 shots consisting of coloured tails of red, blue, green, purple to coloured stars of the same fading to gold brocade crowns. A stunning dual effect firework.
The Tremor by Celtic Fireworks is available at £47.99, reduced from its usual price of £59.99.
Check out the video of this firework below, or buy The Tremor by Celtic Fireworks here. Note the video shows a 49 shot version of this firework.

The Tremor is the sister product to another hugely popular Celtic Fireworks product, Bang Tidy. If you’d like to compare the two, we’ve placed the video for Bang Tidy below.

Like The Tremor, Bang Tidy is available at £47.99, reduced from its usual price of £59.99. You can buy Bang Tidy by Celtic Fireworks here.

Lesli Fireworks Full Force Thunder

Another firework where the name says more than we ever could. This 100 Shot firework pulse fires silver glittering mines to loud salutes. If it’s noise your after then this cake is for you. We’re just going to leave the video here and let you decide for yourself.

You can buy Full Force Thunder by Lesli Fireworks for £69.99 here.
Head over to our new fireworks page now to buy these and our other exciting new fireworks for yourself!

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