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Making the Most of Fireworks at a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are all about sparkle, glamour and big fairy tale elements. If you are looking to add all of this and more to your special day, then fireworks are a definite must-have. Here’s how you can make the most of fireworks at your winter wedding and create the most memorable day for you and your guests.

Swap Confetti for Sparklers

Although confetti and rice are traditional things to throw as you walk out of the church or wedding ceremony venue, you can add a lot more glamour to your first walk as newlyweds with sparklers.
Add sparklers to a large vase outside the wedding ceremony venue and decorate the vase with a ribbon in your wedding theme colours, for instance. You could also have someone hand out the sparklers, as guests walk out of the ceremony venue.
Each guest can then take a sparkler and light it up as you walk outside, creating you a sparkling alley. It doesn’t even matter if it isn’t that dark outside yet, as sparklers will still look good in a darker, maybe even gloomy winter setting.

Welcome Guests in Style

If your wedding reception takes place in the evening and it’s already a little darker outside when the guests arrive, you could welcome them with some firework fountain-fireworks. These could be placed on either side of the entrance to the wedding venue (naturally keeping safety distances in mind) and you can have someone lighting them up, as the guests gather.

Organise a Professional Display

You should also consider getting a professional fireworks team to come and create a wonderful fireworks display. Winter weddings are perfect for fireworks, as it adds that right kind of glitz and glamour to your wedding.
A good idea is to have a display before the first dance, for example, or perhaps after you’ve cut the cake. Even though you can just buy fireworks and set up your own display, a professional display can be that extra bit more magical, as teams are able to use fireworks that are more powerful.

Take Time-Lapse Photos

Time-lapse photography is a perfect way to capture your winter wedding and you can make it a bit more special by using fireworks, such as sparklers. You should definitely consider having a photo booth where guests can take photos while drawing images in the air with a sparkler. The time-lapse technique will then capture the movement of the sparkler in the photo.

Leave Your Party in Style

Fireworks would also be a great way to leave your wedding in style. You could either have a professional display organised right at the end of the wedding or you could buy a few rockets to set off as you say your goodbyes to the guests and drive off in your wedding vehicle.

What to Keep in Mind

When you are planning to add fireworks to your winter wedding, keep these few things in mind:

  • Always ask your wedding ceremony and reception venue for their fireworks policy. Some venues might not allow you to use certain types of fireworks, so you want to know this before you go and buy your fireworks.
  • You are allowed to set off fireworks until 11PM every day of the year (with a few exceptions). If you are looking to have a display as you leave the wedding, you need to keep this in mind.

Fireworks are a great addition to weddings and they are an especially beautiful addition to glamorous, sparkly winter weddings. There’s so much selection available and you can truly wow your guests with fireworks.
Cover Image Credit: Tammra McCauley via Flickr, under Creative Commons 2.0

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