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Last Minute New Year’s Eve Ideas

Planning how you will celebrate the New Year is often something we leave until the last minute. After all, people start talking about the New Year almost as early as they start talking about Christmas. Some of the biggest parties are ‘ticket only,’ and if you haven’t got a ticket by the end of October – tickets for the New Year’s Eve party in London were even made available in June – you might find yourself at a loose end. Even the pubs where you regularly go for a drink might want to charge you north of £10 just to see in the New Year there.

2016 Sparkle
If you’ve reached the week before the end of 2015 and you’re not sure what you’ll be doing next Thursday evening, here are some last minute New Year’s Eve ideas for you.

Find Out What Friends Are Doing

If you haven’t already spoken to your friends, you might be missing a trick. There’s at least a small chance that some of them might have bought tickets for a party or event and have spares. Many people buy tickets for others anyway without confirming they want them, so if you’re friends have thought ahead you might be in luck.
The beauty of asking what your friends are doing is that if they’re also at a loose end you can quickly make plans. What might those plans be?

Staying In

When there’s a group of you, staying in can be as good as going out, and a hell of a lot cheaper, too. The great thing about staying in with a group of friends is that you’ll have naturally shared interests so it’s easy to find something you’re all into.
Whether you play Xbox or PlayStation, watch movies, have a full on house party, or organize some sort of wine and food tasting evening, staying in gives you plenty of options. If you want to mark the New Year then fireworks are definitely an option, while our cut off for guaranteed Christmas delivery has passed you can still get down to our showroom and enjoy the best New Year’s Eve fireworks offers available.
In terms of going out, you can always go out on New Year’s Day, when the pubs won’t charge you to get in and the atmosphere is often better anyway.

Find Somewhere “Non-Ticket”

Not every pub in the land will require you to have a ticket for New Year’s Eve, and you should remember that just because somewhere requires you to buy a ticket that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be popular. Plenty of pubs just run New Year’s Eve as a normal evening and just get a license to stay open a little past midnight. If you want to go out but still want a quiet evening, this might be your best option.

Do Something During the Day

New Year’s Eve is a normal day when it comes to shops and other places being open, although some may close early depending on their individual policies. If you’re the sort of person who prefers to go to bed early on New Year’s Eve, there’s nothing to stop you doing something alone or with friends during the day. Whether you go out for something to eat, have drinks in the afternoon, go shopping, or find something more adventurous to do, New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be centered on what you do in the run up to midnight.

Last Minute New Year’s Eve Ideas

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? If you are deciding what to do at the last minute, keep some of these ideas in mind, and remember that it isn’t too late to plan something whether you want to do something big and exciting or a looking for a quieter New Year’s Eve.
Happy New Year and All the Best for 2016!

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