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Las Fallas 2019

Las Fallas is one of our favourite festivals and it’s almost upon us once again. The streets of Valencia are going to be filled with fantastical figures and fireworks. Here’s what you should know about the festival!

The Traditions

Las Fallas is among the most popular and well-known festivals in Spain. The fiesta runs for multiple days, during which you’ll be able to witness the burning of gigantic, brightly coloured figurines or ninots and enjoy fireworks and crackers.

The festival’s history goes back all the way to the 13th and 14th century. According to legend, Kind Jaime I’s men carried torches, or Falla, to light him and illuminating places wherever they go. During these days, the carpenters also began to hold festivals for their patron saint, San José. The celebrations included placing lamps outside. But the competitiveness of the carpenters kicked in and soon these lamps began to be bigger and bolder. They even started dressing these lamps, or parots, and making them look like customers who annoyed them.

Over the years, this simple practice has changed and turned into the big Las Fallas party we know and love today. The big, bold figurines represent the lamps, with villages and teams competing for the best figurine. These often depict politicians and celebrities.

Now, there is another origin story that tells the festival popped up in the Valencia region as people began burning effigies to keep away the spirits. The idea was to say goodbye to winter and evil by throwing effigies into fire pits.

Whatever the actual origins, the traditions have stayed the same. Every year, the streets of Valencia are filled with colours, noises and fireworks!

The Fireworks

Fireworks and crackers have played a big role in the Las Fallas celebrations. The festival begins with a massive display of crackers in the market square in front of the City Hall. This event is called the mascleta and it takes place at the start of every single day during the weeks of festivities.

Towards the end of the festivities, you’ll also start witnessing more and more fireworks. One major fireworks event is the L’alba de les Falles, which is a night of synchronised firework displays across the city! This is a magnificent event to witness and you can take part across the city.

How to Get Involved with Las Fallas 2019

Las Fallas 2019 will start on the 1st of March and last until 19th of March. As mentioned, you could witness firecracker shows each day, with the front of the Town Hall hosting mascleta every day at around 14.00.

L’alba de les Falles takes place this year on the 15th of March. The show begins at midnight and the main event happens at Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Fireworks displays will also set off on each of the following night until the end of festivities!

The official tourism site for Valencia has lots of great information about getting involved with Las Fallas.

Spring Starts with Las Fallas

Las Fallas is a wonderful festival with lots of stunning fireworks to enjoy! We here at Firework Crazy find it the best way to start spring – so grab a few fireworks and celebrate the longer nights with us!

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