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Klasek New for Firework Season 2017

Fireworks are best when they are bright, loud and fun. Firework season 2017 has definitely treated us with some of the best fireworks that fit those categories perfectly. We’ve been reviewing the newest fireworks from our suppliers and today’s it is time to check out what Klasek has in store for us!
The offers and prices mentioned below were correct as of October 18th 2017. While we are always looking to provide you with the cheapest fireworks and best deals in the UK, we might occasionally need to revise the prices, remember though that if you find any firework cheaper elsewhere you can take advantage of our price match guarantee.

Dum Bum series of fireworks

You could start enjoying Klasek’s fireworks by getting to know their range of wonderful Dum Bum fireworks. You can find three different Dum Bum versions from our online store.
First, there is the classic pack of four single shot roman candles. This little beauty costs just £12.99.

You could also find the 25-shot cake in the same series. It’s very loud and costs just £34.99 on our online store.

Finally, if you want to add a bit more colour to your Dum Bum, get the 49-shot cake. This has the same level of noise with added sparkling colours. The version is only £44.99.


16-shot cakes

Klasek is the master of cakes and they have sent out a number of stunning cakes for you to enjoy this November 5th, New Year and more! Here’s a selection of these fantastic 16-shot cakes, which are all currently available on the website for just £8.99. Whether you’re looking for something to fill the gaps in your display or something cool to add to your garden party, these cakes are definitely worth it.
Baribal is one of our favourites with red chrysanthemums, yellow and blue stars, gold brocade and a touch of crackling.

You could also opt for Mosquito. This one has green chrysanthemums with gold brocades and whistling tails in multi-colours. Throw in a few red chrysanthemums and crackling and you have a stunning addition to a display.

This next pirate-themed firework packs a punch. It’ll fire shots of red and green in timed bursts. Korak is a great glitter-inspired firework that’ll add plenty of sparkle to the night sky.

Hnusak is another cool firework with a dramatic and elegant look. It shoots silver stars with bursts of red, green and blue. The whistling tails also add a nice audio element to this cake.


49-shot cakes

If you’re looking for even more firepower, you should check out the new 49-shot cakes by Klasek. These come in three different varieties with each firing 49-shots in the space of 40 seconds. All these cakes are currently just £39.99 on our online store.
The first in the series is Airshow. It’s a beautiful cake with effects ranging from crackling comet tails to crackling chrysanthemums. You’ll see plenty of colours – the firework has silver, blue, red, purple and golden effects.

You could also pick Jaga. This firework is full of golden palms and purple and silver glitter. You’ll also hear that beautiful crackling, with red and silver whistling tails taking over the night sky.

Finally, you have Goldman which, as the name suggests, has plenty of golden effects going for it. You can enjoy gold brocades along with stars and crackling. There’s also a bit of purple, blue and silver thrown in for an elegant finish.


100-shot cake

In order to raise the roof even higher, Klasek has one more treat for us for the firework season 2017. It’s a massive 100-shot cake called the Indian Scream. The firework lasts for 85 seconds, firing a range of effects in the air. You can expect lots of gold crackling together with colourful palms and glittery effects. This is a definite showstopper and you can now get £10 off the retail price and buy it for just £99.99.

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