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Keeping Wedding Guests Warm Outdoors Without Outdoor Heaters

Wedding guests don’t like to spend all their time sitting in their seats. A good wedding venue will provide wedding guests with places to walk around and quiet corners to use for engaging conversations. Sometimes, guests want nothing more than to spend a bit of time outdoors. But how do you guarantee your wedding guests aren’t put off by the weather?
Keeping your wedding guests warm outdoors without outdoor heaters is possible. In fact, it can be a clever way of playing with the fireworks theme that we’ve been talking about previously in this series.

Light and warmth with burning logs

burning log
If your wedding venue has an outdoor area, you should consider using burning logs in a few carefully chosen locations. The burning logs will add a bit of warmth to guests when they’re outdoors and the fiery crackling will add to your firework theme.
You don’t even just have to settle for using the burning logs to warm up. You could place marshmallows and roasting sticks near the logs and allow the wedding guests to enjoy a small treat.
Remember to ask permission first! Wedding venues might not allow burning logs or they might have special restrictions on what types of logs you can use and where to place them. So, always talk with your wedding venue first.
Nonetheless, burning logs are a wonderful way of keeping your wedding guests warm outdoors and adding a bit of fieriness and rustic feel to your wedding.
This post is part 4 of an 8-part series being produced in collaboration by Firework Crazy and Freak Music.

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