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International Symposium on Fireworks 2017

2017 sees the  International Symposium on Fireworks return for its 16th edition. The Symposium was last held in 2015 when the beautiful French city of Bordeaux was the venue.
The Symposium is held at irregular intervals, but is either annually or bi-annually. There hasn’t been a gap longer than 2 years since the first event, which was held in Montreal, Canada, in 1992.

Where is the 2017 International Symposium on Fireworks Being Held?

This year the event is taking place in Omagari, Japan. Omagari is now a part of the city of Daisen, which was created in 2005 when Omagari merged with a number of neighbouring cities.
This year’s event takes place from Monday 24th April to Saturday 29th April.

What is the International Symposium on Fireworks?

This event is one of the world’s premier gatherings of people and organisations from across the pyrotechnic industry. The purpose of the International Symposium on Fireworks is to bring together a diverse range of experience and ideas, providing an environment for sharing these as well as the latest and best technology and science being utilised across the pyrotechnic industry.
The Symposium consists of numerous presentations and discussions that help to move forward the fields of engineering, safety, science, art, and regulations governing the industry across the world. Everything at the Symposium is built around the use of fireworks at events and celebrations around the world, and how pyrotechnics can be made better for everyone.

Other Elements of the Event

As well as playing host to a number of conferences, presentations, and discussions, the International Symposium on Fireworks also offers tours of the area to delegates, including a tour of a local fireworks factory and a walk through the set-up of a firing site.
The evenings at the event, as you might expect, are marked by fireworks displays. Wednesday is the only evening without a fireworks display – there is a day fireworks display during a tour of a theatre – while on every other evening pyromusical displays will be performed by local fireworks companies that have been invited to the event.

Future Events

The host for the next event is usually chosen at the end of the on-going Symposium. The below video was presented by the Japanese delegation at the 2015 Symposium in Bordeaux.

You can view all the details about the International Symposium on Fireworks at

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