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Illegal Fireworks for Sale?

We recently bought you a series of blog posts looking at some frequently asked questions about fireworks.
You can view these at the links below.
Fireworks Questions & Answers Part 1
Fireworks Questions & Answers Part 2
Firework Questions & Answers Part 3
One area which we didn’t address is that of illegal fireworks.

Do You Sell Illegal Fireworks?

While we don’t get asked this question that often – but we have been asked it before – though we do get a lot of visits from search engines where the term searched for includes “illegal fireworks,” “buy illegal fireworks,” or “illegal fireworks for sale.”
There isn’t really a diplomatic way to answer this question, but we’ll try!

So, Do You Sell Illegal Fireworks or Not?

What do you think?
As the UK’s best destination for fireworks at the very best prices you’ll find anywhere, do you really think we’d be risking our reputation by selling illegal fireworks?
Does anyone really believe that we’d sell illegal fireworks, or have fireworks hidden “under the counter” that we sell on a nudge nudge, wink wink basis?
In fairness we do know that it might just be the case that people are curious, and a lot of our website visitors who search for illegal fireworks do end up buying our products anyway.
We’ll end by pointing you in the direction of our Firework Law in the UK page, and remind you that whether you only buy fireworks in the run up to Bonfire Night or buy fireworks all year round, you should know where you’re getting your fireworks from so you can guarantee the quality and safety of your products. Be extra careful in the run up to November 5th as more stores than usual will be selling fireworks.
Remember that as well as ensuring you’re buying safe fireworks that you’re doing what you need to do to stay safe when using fireworks.

Buy Fireworks from Firework Crazy

No illegal fireworks from us, however you can enjoy the UK’s cheapest fireworks from Firework Crazy both in the run up to Bonfire Night and all year round.
You can check out all our new fireworks for 2016 here and also view our best sale deals and special offers, but remember that most of our products are reduced against the recommended retail price, giving you the cheapest fireworks and best deals you’ll find on fireworks anywhere in the UK.

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