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Ideal Fireworks for Last Minute Displays

Are you throwing a party and looking for some last minute entertainment? Fireworks are a great way to crank up the party and you can put on a good show even on the last moment. You just need to shop for the ideal fireworks for last minute displays: Single Ignition Boxes.

Single Ignition Boxes, or SIBs, are the perfect way to organise a last-minute fireworks display. These boxes have it all – they often last at least a minute, shooting over 100 fireworks in varying effects and colours. You simply have to buy a box or two and light them up! It’s a simple and affordable way to add that firework magic to your party. Here are some of our favourite SIBs to keep in mind.

Legend by Zeus Fireworks

This is a massive SIB that works for all sorts of parties. You get a stunning 135 shots in the space of just 45 seconds! It’s quick, fast, loud and full of colour. You can currently save £20 and buy the firework for £149.99.

Brilliance by Jonathans Fireworks

This 70-second SIB is another ideal last-minute firework. It’s just the right length for a small display, showcasing lots of different firing patterns and firework effects. Brilliance is one of our 2018 newcomers and we’re offering it with a £20 discount. You can buy Brilliance online for £99.99.

Neon Nites by Absolute Fireworks

If you need low noise SIBs for your last minute fireworks display, Neon Nites is a popular pick. The box comes with 100 shots, lasting for 50 seconds. As the name suggests, this one is bright and fun! You can buy Neon Nites for £59.99 and save £5.

Sumo by Fireworks International

Sumo is the embodiment of a great SIB. You really do get a full display with this box, as it lasts for a whopping two minutes. The 150 shots will provide you with crackling mines, whistling tails and bursts of colour. You can save £30 and buy Sumo for £99.99.

The Beast by Pyro King

This firework was one of our fastest selling fireworks in 2017 and it’s still a fan favourite. You actually get two 100-shot cakes that have been fused together to ensure you the full SIB experience. This has so much going on that you have to see it to believe it! You can buy the Beast for £169.99 and save £40.

Don’t Forget the Extras!

If you want, you can also make your display slightly more exciting with a few rockets. You can buy two to three rockets, setting them off at the end of the SIB. This adds a bit of extra flavour and makes your display funky.

One of our favourite rockets to add includes the Strike Force Rocket Pack by Tai Pan, which comes with 15 single rockets. You can easily scatter them around your display; perhaps even start it off with a few individual rockets. This pack is available for £24.99, helping you save £10.

So, if you are thinking about a way to add wow-factor to your party, you should consider organising a fireworks display. With the help of SIBs, you can put on a great show even when working on the last minute. So go ahead to our website and pick your favourite fireworks for a wonderful show!

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