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How to Plan Your Wedding Fireworks Display

Your fireworks themed wedding must have a proper fireworks display. Wedding fireworks are not just a great theme for your wedding, as we’ve seen in the previous posts in this series, but they are also a great entertainment option.
In this post, we’ll give you tips on how to plan your wedding fireworks display.

Check with your wedding venue

Of course, you shouldn’t start planning for a fireworks display before checking if fireworks are allowed. Different wedding venues might have different rules – it’s important to clear the issue with the venue as soon as possible to help you with the planning process.
Remember that if the venue does say they are restrictions it might not necessarily be down to them. Certain venues may be in areas where noise controls are in place for a variety of reasons.

Choose between DIY or a professional option

fireworks 1
You need to also consider whether you want to have someone in the wedding party in charge of the display or whether you want to use a professional fireworks company. Again, check first with the venue, as they might allow a professional company to do it even if you can’t create your own show. The best fireworks companies will provide a remote ignition kit if you want to take care of your display yourself, so you can assure your venue that you’re not necessarily going to need someone standing among fireworks lighting them throughout the display.
If you are looking for something a bit special, you definitely want to talk to the professionals. They’ll be able to use all sorts of fireworks you can’t buy as a consumer so the show is going to be even better than if you were to do it yourself.

Pick the right timing

sparklers 1
Your fireworks display can take place at different times. If you are getting married late in the evening, you might want to have the fireworks display right after you step outside of the wedding ceremony.
You could also place the fireworks display in the middle part of your reception. It could be either after or before the cake cutting or the first dance. This would ensure even those looking to leave early will get to enjoy the display.
On the other hand, there aren’t many more spectacular ways of ending your wedding day than with a big fireworks display. You could have the display right towards the end of the evening, or even when you and your guests are about to leave.

Be courteous

It’s essential to follow the rules and be mindful of other people who might not be as excited about the fireworks as you are. If your wedding venue is in a residential area, you don’t want to leave the display until late and you should even consider using low-noise fireworks. Remember our tip earlier – ask the venue beforehand and you should have no issues!
Furthermore, don’t start the display as a big surprise if young kids and older people are around. The sudden loud noises can scare people so it’s a good idea to always give people the heads up at what’s about to happen. This way everyone will enjoy the show.
Fireworks are definitely a worthy entertainment option for weddings. As our series has hopefully shown you, fireworks can even work as the overall theme of your wedding.
Start planning for your fireworks themed wedding right now!
This post is part 7 of an 8-part series being produced in collaboration by Firework Crazy and Freak Music.

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