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Hot New Fireworks for 2016

Some of the most exciting times here at Firework Crazy – when we’re not selling and sending out huge packs of fireworks to our customers or preparing incredible wedding fireworks displays – come when we have new fireworks to test and then put online and in-store for our customers to buy.
Even though it’s only March we already have a great range of hot new fireworks that you can buy both online and in-store.
Here’s a look at some of the best and some additional detail about what you get for your money.
NOTE: All prices are correct as at March 16th 2015, prices and special offers are subject to change.

Lesli Fireworks Nighthawk

A brilliant firework, and one we’re delighted to finally have in stock – the video below is from 2014!
This 16 Shot Pyromould™ firework fires bursts of red peony with silver willow, green glittering with silver coconut pistil, red glittering and blue stars with brocade crown, giving you and everyone at your display a great mix of great effects.
Nighthawk by Lesli Fireworks is currently available for just £15.99, reduced from its usual price of £19.99
Check out the video below, or buy Nighthawk by Lesli Fireworks here.

Lesli Fireworks American Beauty

Another incredible firework from Lesli Fireworks that has been a long time in reaching Firework Crazy, but one we’re sure is going to be incredibly popular both online and in-store.
This 19 Shot Pyromould™ firework shoots huge bursts of red, yellow and orange dahlia with stunning sky blue stars, and lasting 40 seconds is a great addition to any display.
American Beauty by Lesli Fireworks is currently available for just £24.99, reduced from its usual price of £29.99.
Check out the video for this firework below, or buy American Beauty by Lesli Fireworks here.

Lesli Fireworks Roadshow

This is one LOUD firework.
A 25 shot Pyromould™ firework fires a huge burst of golden, red and white glitter to a height of 20 metres, straight up into the sky, giving you 30 seconds of ear pounding euphoria.
Roadshow by Lesli Fireworks is currently available for just £29.99, giving you 25% off the usual price of £39.99.
Check out the video of this incredible firework below, or buy Roadshow by Lesli Fireworks here.

Lesli Fireworks Men’s Gear

Another firework for the LOUD category, Men’s Gear by Lesli Fireworks is similar to the Roadshow firework previously featured, albeit falling into the 1.4G class rather than 1.3G.
Men’s Gear is a 25 shot Pyromould™ firework that fires bursts of blue tails to spider king, red tail to red star and silver glitter, green tail to green glitter before a finale volley of silver tail to coloured peony and crackling chrysanthemum.
There’s not much more we can say about this firework, so you should check out the video below for yourself.

Impressed? Then buy Men’s Gear by Lesli Fireworks here.
You can view all our new fireworks here, come and buy them in store, or alternatively head over to our YouTube channel for sneak peek at some of the other incredible fireworks that are on their way into Firework Crazy in 2016.

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