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Herrenhausen International Fireworks Festival 2018

When it comes to creating firework displays, the venue can have a huge impact on just how awesome the show looks. One of the best international competitions that can boast to have such a stunning background is about to kick off on May 26th in the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, Germany.

Herrenhausen International Fireworks Festival 2018

The Herrenhausen International Fireworks Festival has been running for years, with this year being the 28th edition of the event. The competition will see five teams compete against each other to create the best pyrotechnic show with music. Each team will come from a different country, with the day’s festivities being designed around this country of origin. Aside from a stunning fireworks show, visitors can expect to enjoy live music, performance art and tasty food and drinks.
In 2018, the competition will take place on the following days:

  • 26th of May
  • 9th of June
  • 18th of August
  • 1st of September
  • 15th of September

The festivities begin at 6 pm each day and end at 11.30 pm. You can find information about buying tickets from the official Hannover tourism website.
Here’s a preview of what to expect in terms of the fireworks display. British team Pyrotex took part in the competition last year and put on this wonderful display:


The venue

As mentioned, one of the best things about the Herrenhausen International Fireworks Festival is the location. The competition is held in the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, which is often touted as the best historic garden in Europe. The gardens feature stunning fountain-fireworks, beautiful flowers and plants, and the amazing baroque buildings in the middle of it all.
The garden is in Hannover, which is a beautiful German city worth of a visit. Hannover is lively, yet benefits from not being as big as some of the more popular tourist spots like Berlin and Munich. There are plenty of good beer gardens to visit and tasty restaurants to sample.

The competitors

This year’s competitors in the Herrenhausen International Fireworks Festival are:

Scarpato Pirotecnica from Italy

The firework group was founded in Naples in the eighteenth century as a family business. The group is currently placed in Rimini and it’s in its sixth generation of family ownership. Scarpato Pirotecnica will perform on 26th of May.

North Star Fireworks from Norway

North Star Fireworks is a new fireworks group, having been founded in 2015. However, the group has already taken part in many big competitions in Norway and it was voted as “Winner of the Day” by audiences in a competition in Berlin last year. The group performs on 9th of June.

Pyro Events Team from Romania

The firework group is a passionate fireworks group that’s always looking for cutting-edge elements in their displays. The group has won a number of big competitions in Romania and they will perform on 18th of August.

Macedos Pirotecnia from Portugal

The Portuguese group is another family-run fireworks group taking part and they have been performing since 1934. In 2000, they won the Excellence Prize at the Shanghai International Festival of Musical Fireworks. They’ve even made it in the Guinness Book of Records after setting off 66,326 rockets within eight minutes. You can see the group perform on 1st of September.

Firework Professionals from New Zealand

The final show will be performed by Firework Professionals on 15th of September. The group’s CEO Anthony Lealand is considered as the grandfather of fireworks in New Zealand. They have a number of accolades and have been creating stunning displays around the world.
The five groups are bound to create stunning displays and we here at Firework Crazy can’t wait to see what the teams have come up with. If you’re looking for something to do this summer, then heading out to Hannover on one of these dates is definitely worth considering.

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