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Happy Birthday to Her Majesty the Queen!

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday today. While the older generations among us can still recall her ascension to the throne in 1952, most people living in the United Kingdom and perhaps even in the Commonwealth will have their own memories of Her Majesty whether in their own country or elsewhere.
Before we get started, here at Firework Crazy we would like to take the time to not only wish Her Majesty many happy returns on her birthday, but to thank her for everything she has done and to wish her well for the future. Long may she reign.
Now, the chances are that you don’t usually visit the for a history lesson, but thanks to the modern wonder that is YouTube we’ve been able to have some fun and put together a collection of important and historic events that have occurred during Her Majesty’s reign.
Kick things off with her coronation below, and move on with us through history.

Roger Bannister Runs a Four Minute Mile in 1954

When we look at sport today we often think of the magical achievements that represent the pinnacle of what’s happening. A 147 break in snooker, a 9-dart finish on the oche, you might even say Leicester City looking like they’re going to win the Premier League this season.
In 1954, running a mile in under four minutes was deemed impossible, to the point that there were genuine concerns that Roger Bannister could seriously injure or even kill himself attempting to do it.
You know the rest.

The Munich Air Disaster in 1958

From one of the greatest sporting triumphs in history to one of the biggest sporting tragedies to ever hit the United Kingdom. The 1958 Munich Air Disaster killed eight Manchester United players from the vaunted Busby Babes team, three members of staff from the football club, eight journalists, two crew members, and two other passengers.
The Munich Air Disaster is remembered in Manchester on February 6th each year, with commemorative events taking place at Manchester United home games around that date, too.

Beatlemania in 1964

For many The Beatles are the greatest band that ever lived, and for some of those they will never be surpassed. Those who were around in the 60’s reflect on Beatlemania with great joy and reverence. The term ‘what a time to be alive’ is usually reserved for sarcastic use today, but Beatlemania was definitely one of those times.


Do we need to say anything else?

Abolition of the Death Penalty for Murder in 1969

Although the last executions in the United Kingdom – which were carried out using hanging – occurred in 1964, the death penalty for murder wasn’t abolished fully until 1969.

Britain Joins the European Economic Community in 1973

On June 23rd the United Kingdom will vote on whether to remain a member of the European Union. Another controversial European group, the European Economic Community, was established by the Treaty of Rome in 1957, and joined by the United Kingdom in 1973. Today the European Economic Community is called just the European Community, and is today part of the European Union.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another blog entry looking at other historic events to have occurred during Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, covering up to the modern day.
If you’re looking to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, it isn’t too late to order fireworks for the weekend. Head over to the main site now to buy fireworks that are perfect for a party.

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