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Fourth of July 2018 Firework Deals

Fourth of July is approaching and this massive US holiday is becoming bigger here in the UK, with the US expat community, US citizens who are working in the UK, and even UK citizens who just love an excuse for a party all getting involved.
Fireworks are a big part of the celebrations, as you can see from this stunning display video below. If you’re hosting a garden party to have fun on the US Independence Day this summer, then we got the best deals to help you create an equally amazing show. Here are some of the top firework deals for Fourth of July 2018.

We are always aiming to provide you with the cheapest prices and offers but we might occasionally have to change prices. The following deals were available at the time of writing on June 4th. Please check the website to ensure the correct prices.

Shades of Red by Fireworks International

Your Fourth of July fireworks should include plenty of red, blue and white in honour of the US flag. This 25-shot barrage is all about varying red effects and therefore, looks great as part of a Fourth of July display. The firework is suitable for even the smallest of gardens and you’ll see a variety of effects from spiders to crackling. You can currently buy Shades of Red for £16.99 and when you buy one, you get one free!

Enigma by Fireworks International

Fireworks International has another great Fourth of July firework you should consider adding to your display. Enigma is actually a new addition to our collection and the 90-second firework is bound to amaze everyone. The effects are perfect for the occasion, with plenty of silver stars and bursts of red waves. You can buy this all-new firework for half price, as Enigma is just £19.99 in our online store.


War Hawks by BrightStar

If you want to impress your friends with some big rockets, we have a stunning deal waiting for you on the website. As part of our massive online sale, you can find BrightStar’s War Hawks rocket pack with a massive £359.88 saving.
The pack contains 12 packs of rockets, with each pack containing five colourful rockets. These rockets will rise up to 30 meters and create all sorts of stunning explosions. Buy the special package for £160.


Happy Trolls by Absolute Fireworks

You can turn your Fourth of July firework display into a colour-fest with the help of Happy Trolls. This little glitter box is full of blue and red stars, strobe and glitter effects. The firework lasts for 30 seconds and it’s a guaranteed hit with the smaller members of your audience. You can buy Happy Trolls for £9.99, which is only a third of its usual price.


Nutty Carnival by Skycrafter

Add even more colour to your firework display with Nutty Carnival. This firework has been one of our most sold fireworks for a long time and it’s no wonder. The cake fires 36 shots in 45 seconds. You’ll get bursts of red, green, blue, purple and lemon, with crackling palms and star effects. Nutty Carnival is another firework for half price – you can buy it for £24.99.

With the above fireworks, you can create a stunning display on Fourth of July!

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