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Four Fireworks for Fourth of July

The Americans sure know how to put on a good show and they definitely go all guns blazing on 4th of July. Independence Day is great for barbecue, beer and fireworks – all the components for an incredible party!
If you’d like to get in on the action, here at Fireworks Crazy we have picked the best fireworks for your 4th of July party.
So, let’s look at the four must-have fireworks to celebrate America.

American Beauty by Lesli Fireworks

We had to include this fantastic firework to the selection because of the fitting name. The firework shares its name with an Oscar-winning movie, which is a rather sober examination of American society – perfect for a reflective 4th of July show!
Well, philosophy aside, the firework does pack a bunch. The mine-like firework shoots its explosions straight up in the air to the heights of 20 metres. It’s super loud and you get to enjoy the bursts of noise and colour for 40 seconds. American Beauty has fitting colours to go with your Independence Day party as well – the mine shoots red, yellow and orange dahlias with blue stars.

Top Gun by Absolute Fireworks

Sticking with the movie theme, your 4th of July display will also require big rockets. When it comes to impressive rockets, it doesn’t get much better than Top Gun. These rockets pack 120g of firepower and they shoot up 50 metres into the air before exploding into a burst of effects. It is almost like watching Tom Cruise jump around on Oprah’s sofa all over again.

Nighthawk by Lesli Fireworks

For better and for worse, the Americans are known for their military prowess. If you attend an American sporting event, you’ll notice the fighter planes flying across the sky – they also feature heavily during the 4th of July parades. Therefore, the Nighthawk is a fitting addition to your Independence Day fireworks show.
The 25-second barrage-style firework will shoot 16 shots of red peonies, silver willow, silver coconut pistil and blue starts with brocade crown. All this topped up with green and red glittering – everyone loves a bit of sparkle! It’s not as noisy as the first two fireworks but it is a colourful and great addition to the middle part of your display.

Blue Star Eruption by Hallmark Fireworks

The American national anthem is the Star-Spangled Banner and this Blue Star Eruption is a worthy firework to celebrate the majestic tune. The mine is loud and its single shot will wake up anyone who’s been enjoying beer too much on the day. We recommend adding the firework right at the start of your show – it is a definite way to catch attention.
The mine starts with a crackling fountain before it suddenly bursts into the erupting stunning blue stars and crackling gold brocades. It’s a bit like the current state of American politics – you need to take a moment to realise what just happened.

These four are our favourites for a 4th of July party but you can find many more rockets, mines and sparklers from our website. So, pick your favourite fireworks, fire up the grill and enjoy the night on 4th of July!

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