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Five Fireworks for Chinese New Year

Just as the memory of the New Year’s Eve celebrations begins to fade, we’re greeted with Chinese New Year celebrations. The wonderful event is taking place on the 16th of February and the party definitely calls for some fireworks!
Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in modern mainland China, is celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar calendar. This is a mix of Gregorian and lunar-solar calendar systems. The Chinese have a 12-year animal zodiac cycle with each year being represented by an animal. In 2018, the new year marks the beginning of the year of the dog – the first time this happens since 1958. In Chinese culture, people born in the year of the dog will be communicative, serious and responsible in the workplace!
So, what are the best fireworks to mark the start of the year of the dog? Here are five fireworks for the Chinese New Year. Please note all prices are correct at 10th January 2018.

Dum Bum by Klasek

Klasek has a pack of four single shot roman candle fireworks, which is a perfect way to start your Chinese New Year display. The roman candles eject a silver mine with a red star finish – creating a lot of whistling sounds while doing it. The firework is suitable for smaller gardens and you can buy it for £12.99.

13inch Crazy Cone by Zeus Fireworks

New Year’s fireworks always require something different, a bit of extra craziness. You’ll definitely get just that with Crazy Cone. The conical cone might initially look innocent but it all builds up to a finale that sees coloured stars reach 20 feet! While the effects look impressive, the firework still manages to be a low noise product. The 75-second firework is a wonderful addition to your display and you can buy it online for £17.50.

Wrecking Balls by Tai Pan

China is the birthplace of fireworks and there’s nothing more fitting to celebrate the Chinese New Year than good old-fashioned rockets. Tai Pan has a number of great rockets, with Wrecking Balls offering great effects for the new year. The four rockets pack professional-style shell bursts with varying effects and colours. You can buy Wrecking Balls for £59.99 – the usual RRP is £99 so you’ll save quite a bit of money, too!

Wave Willow by Zeus Fireworks

Your display should also include this fantastic little mine by Zeus Fireworks. It’d make a great mid-display firework. During the 30 seconds, you’ll see bursts of gold wave willows, blue tails and stars. The firework fires 19 shots and you can buy it online for £21.99.

Mish Mash Mini by Celtic Fireworks

If you’re looking for something easy and impressive, our single ignition boxes offer plenty of great picks for Chinese New Year. The Mish Mash mini is a 100-shot firework that keeps going on for a whole minute. The effects include things like peonies, chrysanthemums and stars. There’s plenty of glitter and crackling noise as well. Mish Mash Mini also costs just £29.99.

Chinese New Year is definitely worth celebrating with fireworks. This wonderful holiday takes place on February 16th so you have enough time to plan and sort out your display! The above five fireworks are definitely worth including on your shopping list.

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