Five Essential Tips for a Picture Perfect Summer Wedding (And More)

With the summer wedding season upon us we’re about to enter a time when we sell loads of fireworks, with the upcoming months second only to the run up to Bonfire Night in terms of how in demand our products will be. You already know all about our fireworks, so we’ve teamed up with the brilliant to bring you some summer wedding essentials. Enjoy!

Summer is probably the most popular season in the world and with good reason. It’s warm, bright t-shirt weather with a ton of sun and lots of festivities. It is an even better time for a wedding, with outdoor summer weddings growing in popularity. They have always been a big thing, but now, they are even bigger.
You see them taking place in movies, in magazines and mentioned in popular romance books. If you’re interested in a summer wedding, make sure to have the necessities taken care of. Get the best out of your wedding with these five essential tips for an amazing ceremony that will leave your friends and family talking for weeks.

1.      (The Comfortable) Look And Feel of A Dynamite Wedding

This is incredibly important. A great wedding not only feel good, but look fantastic. While the bright sun is shining down and beating its rays over your family and soon-to-be husband or wife, you want them to pop and look lively. That’s why choosing a palette of appropriate colors is essential for a memorable experience. But it’s not just looks, it’s comfort as well. Tuxedos and wedding dresses can be very intricate (and get very hot!).
Make sure to spend extra time getting cool and breezy wear for your wedding. A bridal shop is the perfect place to ask for advice. They’ve been around for a long time and can help you nail the perfect attire for a comfortable, non-sweaty wedding. Make sure your accessories are bright as well, like white or titanium colors. It will look great in the sunlight and even better as your bridesmaids and usher walk down the aisle. Keep in mind most people are going to be dressing for the occasion as well, so they’re going to consider the same things you are: price, comfort, look and matching with the rest of the wedding.

2.      Drinks, Drinks, Drinks!

Beverages are second nature when it comes to any summer event, but they’re an even bigger deal for a wedding. There are going to be a lot of people sitting down, standing, dancing, and moving around in the middle of a summer day (or evening). Regardless, you need to make sure you have a good amount of drinks for your guests and witnesses and yourself too. Missing out on something ice cold to drink in the middle of a sunny day is going to be a serious problem. Start with things like lemonade and ice tea.

Welcome drinks (Buck's Fizz) (7725350232)

They’re common around the world for summer festivities and feature a fan base that’s common. Bring some soda or soft drinks as well, like fruit punch or pop for the kids and non-alcohol drinkers to enjoy. Now, onto the adult drinks! Wine and champagne are huge at weddings – make sure you have enough liquor for everyone to enjoy. This could be red wine and more, but typically a summer day goes best with white wine or other more refreshing drinks. You can collectively purchase your drinks in bulk before the wedding, making it budget and time friendly.

3.      Weatherproofing… Everything

Summer often means sunshine but we all know how unreliable the UK weather can be! You’re going to need to weatherproof just about everything involved with the wedding, from the tables to the chairs and even your hair. Yes, not weatherproofing your hair means that if it rains or a wind blows, you could risk messing up what you spent so much time crafting together with your bridesmaids right before the crucial moment when you say “I do”.
Consider weatherproofing the altar as well if you’re having the full outdoor church effect – this is the place where you will be getting married and bonded with your partner for the rest of your life, so you want it to be about as perfect as it can be. Make sure any decorations or furnishings aren’t going to go flying around in the wind at the last second right when the moment comes. Make sure it has a roof or something to block of rain as well, just in case a downpour starts.

4.      Backup Footwear

You’re going to be standing on your feet all day, so why not make the best of it? After getting into your nice high-heels for the wedding, you may want to consider having some comfortable flip-flops ready to go. Check your local stores for a good pair of alternative shoes to wear after the wedding and reception.

5.      Summer Treats

Ice cream, sherbet and frozen treats are going to be really popular at any summer event, especially a wedding. Entertain the idea of a wedding ice cream cake too, while you’re at it. Just be sure you can manage the temperature of the cake so you don’t serve your guests bowls of gunge!

Bonus Addition 1: Bug Repellent!

There are torches available which provide some pest control. Mosquitoes aren’t really a huge thing in the UK, but there can still be annoying flies and other problems to look out for. Having bug repellent and sunblock around can prove especially useful (you don’t want to get a sunburn on the day of your wedding – imagine how awful that’d make the honeymoon!).

Bonus Addition 2: Pool Party

So you’ve finished saying the important words and sharing a special kiss – perfect! What better way to have a reception with a pool involved? It’s not as traditional and a lot of modern weddings really aren’t anyway, so why not have a little fun on the side?
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