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Fireworks Questions & Answers Part 2

Following up on yesterday’s post where we looked at some of the most commonly asked fireworks questions, we’re back with another collection based on what you, Firework Crazy customers, blog readers, and social media followers, have been asking us over the years.

Can I Hold a Fireworks Display in the Rain?

Some might say that it’s typically British to have Bonfire Night fall in the winter months, when a lot of the time it’s freezing cold and pouring down with rain. The elements often feel even harsher if you’re attending a display in an open field, too!
Many people ask whether fireworks displays can still be held in the rain. As anyone who has attended a display when it’s been pouring down will tell you, the answer is a resounding yes.
You do need to make sure you keep your fireworks dry, though this can easily be done with carrier bags or bin liners. You can even leave them on when you light the fuses as fireworks are easily powerful enough to burst through them.
There’s more on hosting fireworks displays in the rain at our Fireworks Safety page and in this blog.

Do Fireworks Make it Rain?

This is one of the more bizarre questions we’ve been asked.
The short answer is no, although many people do still believe it to be true.
We covered this question in more detail in our blog, Do Fireworks Make it Rain?

How do Fireworks Get Their Colour?

Away from the bizarre and back to the more regular questions we get asked.
As luck would have it, we’ve recently covered this topic here on the Firework Crazy blog, so regular readers will already know the answer.
If you’re not interested in the detail, the colour of fireworks is determined by the chemical compounds that are present within the pyrotechnic stars found in each firework.
If you want to know more, read the below two blogs where we look at the specific chemical compounds used:
How do Fireworks Get Their Colour? Part 1
How do Fireworks Get Their Colour? Part 2

Do I Have to Tell Anyone About My Fireworks Display?

This is a common question asked by our new customers, and has a few different answers depending on your fireworks display.
If you’re holding a display in your garden, you don’t legally have to tell anyone of your plans, but out of courtesy you might want to let your neighbours know, or maybe even invite them round to your place.
If you’re holding a display in a public area with large numbers of people, then you should speak to the local council and perhaps even the police about crowd control, while you will need permission to even hold the display in the first place. The law is unclear on whether it is against the law to set off fireworks on beaches, however it is best not to do so. You can easily land yourself in trouble and your fireworks may even be mistaken for distress flares.

Buy Fireworks from Firework Crazy

We’ll be back soon with even more frequently asked fireworks questions, but for now you can buy fireworks from Firework Crazy to host your own late summer display or start buying early for Bonfire Night.
Our Super Summer Sale continues alongside our unbeatable fireworks special offers. Remember too that 99% of our fireworks are sold at lower than the RRP anyway, so you can’t beat Firework Crazy when it comes to a great deal!

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