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Fireworks Questions & Answers Part 1

In recent months here on the Firework Crazy blog we have produced a number of articles that have aimed to answer questions that we’re commonly asked in store, on the phone, via email, or over on our Facebook page, and some others that we’ve picked up on and answered when doing the rounds on our favourite fireworks forums.
By the way, if you’re interested in joining the conversation about fireworks, as well as getting involved on Facebook and Twitter, you can sign up for Fireworks Forum and Fireworks Review.
Now though, let us look at the most common questions we’ve been asked here at Firework Crazy.

Do Fireworks Expire?

Do fireworks expire? How long do fireworks keep? When will my fireworks go out of date? Why isn’t there an expiration date on my fireworks?
All similar variants of the same question.
The answer is simple; fireworks won’t expire. Why not? Because the gunpowder within fireworks doesn’t break down. Therefore, so long as you keep the fireworks cool and dry, you should be good to use them no matter how long ago you bought them.
If you find dusty old fireworks in a loft or shed after moving house, try to get them checked out before you decide whether to use them.
You can read more on this topic in our blog Can Fireworks Expire?

How do Fireworks Make Their Sound?

99% of the time this question isn’t relating to the bang; most people know about gunpowder in fireworks, and understand why they see the flash before hearing the sound.
But what about the whistling sounds some fireworks make when they’re shooting up into the sky? What about fireworks that have effects other than a loud bang, such as crackling sounds?
We explored this question in full in the blog How do Fireworks Make Their Sound?
Did you know that when fireworks were first used it was because of the sounds rather than any additional effects? These would come later as fireworks would evolve and there was a better understanding of how they could be produced and used.

Do I Need a Licence to Use Fireworks?

You don’t need a licence to use consumer fireworks. However, if you want to become a qualified firer you are able to do this.
At Firework Crazy we run courses 2-3 times per year for anyone interested in becoming a British Pyrotechnists Association Qualified Firer. Give us a call on 01245 354422 to ask when our next course is, or join our mailing list to be notified when booking is open for the next course. We’ll also mention this on our Facebook page, and announce future courses here on the Firework Crazy blog.

How Should I Store Fireworks?

It is rare that someone will buy fireworks from our showroom, or order online to have them delivered, then fire them as soon as they get home or are dropped off by the courier.
The safe storage of fireworks is therefore paramount and a must know for anybody buying fireworks. Not only when you first buy them but during your display, and afterwards if you have leftover fireworks that you need to store safely until next time.
Learn more in our blog How to Store Leftover Fireworks Safely and on our Fireworks Safety page.

Your Firework Questions Answered

We’ve been asked far more than just these four questions through the years, and will provide you with further blogs in the coming days and weeks answering more questions and pointing you in the direction of detailed answers we’ve created in the past.

Fireworks Sale

Remember that our fireworks sale continues with our Super Summer Sale and you can also check out our best discounts on our regular Fireworks Sale and Special Offers page.

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