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Fireworks in the News: 2017 Part Two

Welcome to our latest review looking at the where, the when, the what, the how, and the why of fireworks being featured in the news in 2017.
You can read the first instalment covering January to March here, or read on to discover when fireworks were in the news between April and June of this year.

14 Killed in Mexico

Sadly, fireworks incidents in Mexico are becoming a regular occurrence. This one, which saw 14 killed, most of them children, and 22 injured, touched us so much it even made it’s way into the Firework Crazy blog in its own right.
The tragedy is covered by The Guardian here.

Poorly Timed Fireworks Unsettle London

Fireworks at an event at Somerset House on June 16th were not welcomed by Londoners. Many residents of the city, already on edge due to the Grenfell Tower tragedy earlier that week and the terror attacks that had occurred in the weeks and months prior, took to social media to voice their displeasure at the fireworks display, which originated from a private party being held at the property.
Metro covers this story here.

Iowa Makes Fireworks Legal

In our review of fireworks in the news from January to March we looked at the push to make fireworks legal in the US state of Iowa.
In June, legislators changed the law to make fireworks legal again, 86 years after a tragedy that led to their ban.
The legalisation of fireworks in Iowa is covered by the Daily Mail here.

Annual Fireworks Safety Display

Prior to the July the Fourth celebrations, the biggest day for fireworks in the United States by some distance, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted their annual fireworks safety demonstration at the end of June, which you can watch in the video below.


36,100 Fireworks Recalled Due to Safety Concerns

TNT Fireworks recalled 36,100 units of fireworks across four states in the US in late June due to safety concerns. TNT had received reports that their Red, White, and Blue smoke fireworks had exploded when being lit, leading to at least three people being injured.
CNN covered the story and product recall here.

23 Deaths Following India Fireworks Explosion

At the beginning of June, an explosion at a fireworks factory in the Balaghat district in central India triggered a huge fire which saw 23 people killed. It took firefighters over three hours to bring the blaze under control and extinguish it, while five of the seven injured were taken 200km away to Nagpur for treatment.
Local authorities said they believed the explosion occurred when someone carelessly disposed of a cigaratte.
BBC News covered this tragedy here.

Firework Technology Reaches the US

We always love it when new technology comes into our industry, and while the ability to create long lasting letters in the sky has been a feature of fireworks across Europe for many years, this feature only reached the US in time for this year’s Fourth of July celebrations.
If only they’d had it earlier in the year they might have avoided the embarrassing “USR” incident at the inauguration of President Trump, which you can also read about in our first fireworks in the news review of 2016.
You can read coverage of this firework technology reaching the US here.

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We’ll be back later in the year with a further roundup of fireworks in the news.

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