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Fireworks in the News 2017 Part Three

As we get to the end of 2017 it’s once again time for us to look back and see how fireworks hit the news during the year.
If you want to check out our earlier looks at fireworks in the news from 2017 you can do so at the links below.
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Although this post covers the period from July to September, we always look at the best Fourth of July fireworks on their own, so they won’t be mentioned here.
So, let’s take a look at how fireworks were in the news from July to September 2017.

Wedding Fireworks Display Leads to Arrest

When you hear about people getting arrested at weddings, what do you think of? We might think of a serial bigamist, or that a wedding has got out of hand when the guests (or sometimes the bride and groom!) are perhaps a little too well oiled and shenanigans ensues.
One guy in New York, however, managed to get himself arrested after using professional fireworks to entertain his wedding guests during a party at his house.
While there had already been a huge display – hence the police being aware of it – there was also over 50 more professional fireworks waiting to be used.
Must have been some display!

Fireworks at the Football

This doesn’t relate to an entertaining, high scoring game, or even the latest Manchester City masterclass.
Instead, we’re looking at the German Cup fixture between Hertha Berlin and Hansa Rostock, which back in August was suspended for 15 minutes after fans set off an abundance of flares and fireworks.
Given how often scenes like this seem to occur it’s incredible really that we don’t hear more about people picking up serious injuries in such situations.

Fireworks at Hello Pizza

The days after the August Bank Holiday often see the news filled with various groups of people drunk on the streets of the UK. This year, the usual ‘festivities’ were joined by a terrifying occurrence in Liverpool, where 70 fireworks were thrown into the Hello Pizza shop in what was seen as a potential revenge attack.

Fireworks Causing Misery in Lancashire

If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a thousand times: there’s always a small group of idiots who don’t use fireworks correctly or responsibly who put something we love at risk for the millions of people across the country – and indeed around the world – who are responsible with their use of fireworks.
It’s people like this who lead to calls for fireworks to be banned or even more strictly controlled, when in reality it’s the people who need dealing with rather than the fireworks industry – albeit those who sell fireworks illegally need dealing with heavily, too.
The latest instalment of fireworks in the hands of morons comes from Lancashire, where residents reported fireworks being set off throughout the night, saying in September that it had been going on for months.
Some people’s stupidity knows no bounds!

Merry Christmas!

As this is our final article prior to the Christmas weekend, all that remains is for us to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, and we’ll see you in the middle of next week for something fun between Christmas and New Year.
Have a great long Christmas weekend!

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