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Fireworks in the News: 2016 Roundup

Welcome to our final look at fireworks in the news for 2016. Last week we brought you a look at the biggest fireworks related news stories from the final quarter of the year, and as promised this week we’re drawing a line under 2016 altogether with this final collection of all the biggest stories of the year.

April: Fireworks Explosion in India Kills Over 100 People

A fireworks explosion in the village of Paravur in India killed over 100 people and injured hundreds more in April 2016. The explosion was caused when a spark from one fireworks display then ignited a separate batch of fireworks that were being stored at the same location. The display was held to mark an annual tradition across the state of Kerala, where villages compete to create the best fireworks display as they celebrate the Hindu New Year.
State authorities had actually banned this particular display, but it went ahead anyway with tragic consequences for those in attendance.

The Independent covered this event here.

Fourth of July Fireworks All Go Off at Once

Fourth of July is when Amercians traditionally get the fireworks out. In one town, however, all of the fireworks came out together!
In Plymouth, Massachusetts on the evening of July 4th, a whole barge of fireworks exploded at the same time. This wasn’t the usual fireball that we’ve seen so often when fireworks have gone up in a blaze in bulk before, but more like a fireworks display happening all at once.
The display had already been ongoing for around 15 minutes without any problems, too, so it isn’t like those in attendance missed out on the fun altogether.
Read the full story and check out the video over at the Daily Mail website.

Fireworks Factory Blaze in Southampton

Back in May of 2016 we brought you coverage of a fireworks factory blaze in Southampton. A fire at Southern Fireworks Factory and the Flower Factory set off a large number of fireworks that were stored inside the building, causing a loud bang and waking up the locals at around 5am, with those who then witnessed the action getting an impromptu fireworks display against the early morning sunrise.
The fireworks continued for over an hour, after which point local fire crews were able to bring the situation under control. Thankfully no-one was in the building at the time, and there were no other injuries to report.
Read about this story on the BBC News website.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Fireworks Fire

Around the same time as the Nice terror attack was taking place, a fireworks lorry was on fire and exploding close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
While it quickly became apparent that it was an accident – albeit with unfortunate timing given events elsewhere – that didn’t stop ISIS claiming responsibility for the event.
Read the Daily Mail’s coverage here.

What Fireworks News Will 2017 Bring?

As always, here at Firework Crazy we’ll be bringing you the fireworks related news every few months. Hopefully 2017 will see fewer accidents, the few idiots who help fuel the “ban fireworks” fire caught by the police and dealt with quicker, and another success for ourselves at Firework Champions!

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