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Fireworks in the News 2015

Fireworks find themselves in the news all throughout the year, and for all sorts of reasons. While businesses like ours do our best to keep fireworks in the news all year and make sure the conversation flows on our Facebook page and elsewhere, it’s fair to say we’re usually upstaged by something else happening in the world. From fireworks related accidents like a fireworks factory exploding, to some idiot doing things with fireworks that they really shouldn’t be, we usually don’t have to look far for fireworks in the news.

Fireworks Factory Explosion

Perhaps the most memorable fireworks news story came right at the beginning of the year. The explosion that occurred at a fireworks factory on a road into Colombia’s capital city Bogota thankfully saw no-one injured, although the guy filming the incident was knocked to the ground through the sheer force of the blast, and was forced to take solace and shelter behind a car in order to safely capture the rest of the, erm, ‘show.’

When Good Ideas go wrong

Let’s be honest, if we had a hot air balloon then we’d be tempted to see how spectacular a fireworks display we could create from mid-air, but the below video from Burma might put us off. This was supposed to be one of the showpiece events within a larger, week long fireworks festival, and had taken months for the local community to put together.
As with the Colombian fireworks factory explosion, it was fortunate that no one was injured, although this event was held under strict controls following a number of deaths and serious injuries in 2014.

A Sunroof Display

We probably don’t need to say too much about this, and definitely can’t build on what the team at the Telegraph and Argus reported, so we’ll just leave the video here for you.

Not Really Fireworks, but Spectacular All the Same

Our final story about fireworks in 2015 isn’t about fireworks in the traditional sense, but as it was billed as a natural fireworks display in the news, we thought it was worth sharing anyway. We’re sure you’ll agree it is as spectacular as what we might call a traditional fireworks display, and sometimes even we have to tip our hats to nature and admit we wouldn’t be able to create something as brilliant as this.

What fireworks stories have piqued your interest throughout 2015? Are there any big stories that we’ve missed, or any quirky or funny fireworks related stories that we might have included instead?
Let us know, and here’s to a fun and exciting 2016 in the world of fireworks!

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