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Fireworks for Sale Merseyside

We offer quality fireworks at amazing prices. See what we have in stock today!

Some of The Brands We Supply

We have plenty of fireworks for sale in our online fireworks shop with some of the UK’s leading brands including the award winning ‘Brothers Pyrotechnics’, ‘Absolute Fireworks’, ‘Celtic Fireworks’, ‘Black Cat Fireworks, Standard Fireworks’ and more.

Quality Fireworks for Sale In Merseyside

If you’re in search of extraordinary fireworks in Merseyside at unbeatable rates, Fireworks Crazy is the ideal place for you! Our pyrotechnic products are unparalleled in quality and are sure to mesmerize any enthusiast of fireworks. Plus, if you’re concerned about keeping a tranquil atmosphere with your neighbors, we offer various solutions that can aid you, such as our low noise and silent fireworks. For an unmatched fireworks experience, rely on Fireworks Crazy. If you’re yearning for a spectacular ending to your evening, rest assured that we have you covered with our vast array of options, such as big rockets and display packs.

Our assortment of merchandise caters to a wide range of individual tastes and fashion choices, regardless of your own personal inclinations.

Browse through our selection and once you spot an item that captures your interest, simply place it in your virtual shopping cart and finalize your transaction with effortless ease and no hassles.

Why Choose Us for Fireworks in Merseyside

At Fireworks Crazy, our passion for fireworks knows no bounds! We take pride in offering a vast selection of options suitable for any occasion, recognizing that everyone has unique preferences. Drawing from our many years of experience in the industry, we have developed and nurtured strong professional connections with all our clients. This ensures that you receive nothing but top-quality fireworks at an unbeatable value.Our commitment to providing our customers in Merseyside with the best fireworks on the market is unwavering. We guarantee total satisfaction with every purchase.


Additionally, we offer free shipping and delivery throughout Merseyside for orders exceeding £300. For those who require their fireworks sooner rather than later, we also offer express delivery options. You can even have your order shipped right to your front door in only two days!


So, why not choose Fireworks Crazy for your next event?

We Deliver To All Of The Merseyside Area

Place your order for our fireworks available for sale today and we’ll promptly deliver them to Merseyside. Our ordering process is hassle-free and swift, ensuring a seamless experience. Plus, we provide free delivery on orders over £300 to add to your convenience.


Would you like to know more about our delivery procedures? Feel free to reach out to us today for additional information.


There are three types of firework available to the public:

Category F1 – Indoor / Close Proximity Fireworks
Category F2 – Garden Fireworks
Category F3 – Larger Garden / Display Fireworks

Here we will be discussing Category (Cat) F2 & F3 Fireworks

Cat F2 & F3 Fireworks are essentially the same, however, Cat F2 Fireworks are suitable to use in smaller gardens and carry a minimum safety distance of 8 metres. Cat F3 Fireworks are generally larger and you need a minimum 25 metre safety distance to use these, however, we suggest even more for larger Cat F3 items, not just on safety grounds, but if you stand too close to larger fireworks you just can’t appreciate them as much.

For every order that’s placed we subsidise the packing and delivery costs. We’d like to explain the actual costs of delivering fireworks to you. We’ve broken these down below.


Couriers initial charge = £20 – £100+ depending on area.
Hazardous goods surcharge = £10
Each addtional kilo = £0.40
Special UN Firework Cartons = £3.50 – £7 each – depending on size!
Packaging materials and special labels = £1.00 this covers the costs of the special labels we have to use and all the other packing materials.

Our standard delivery service is 1-2 working days (there are no deliveries Saturday or Sunday). Deliveries will be made by our specialist hazardous goods courier or on our own vans by our trained staff. If you require your order urgently, please call the office on 01245 354422 to see what we can arrange.

If you decide that you no longer want the items, you must contact us within seven days of delivery. We will then arrange for our specialist courier to collect the items from you. (It is illegal to send the items through the postal service or an unlicensed courier) The items must be unopened and in their original packaging. However you may open transport packaging to inspect the goods. Refunds will be issued upon receipt and inspection of the goods within 30 days. In addition to these terms, if your order is for a business then we reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee.

Of course! If you are an existing firework retailer or looking at selling fireworks from your premises for the first time, Firework Crazy can help!

Existing Retailer:


If you’re an existing firework retailer then you’ll already have a storage certificate enabeling you to sell fireworks within the permitted dates. If you’d like a copy of our wholesale price list. Please email a copy of your most recent certificate to the following email address.


New Retailer:


If you’ve never sold fireworks before but would like to know more about this, then please email We can then send you all the information on how to obtain your storage / license to sell fireworks.


The Sky Storm fireworks are seriously a product to play around with (in the professional manner). Packing more powder than the war hawk, these can really steal the air from viewers lungs, making everyone gasp at the sheer bang these boys let out! Click here to check them out.


These fireworks are here simply because their name gets us everytime! Also, the fireworks themselves are seriously impressive and their delay between explosions is perfectly timed to get the attention of all sight-seers. Click here to see them in action.


This Roman Candle is honestly amazing. We just recommend you go see for yourself. These are simple yet effective fantastic fireworks, when used correctly. Click here to see fireworks


This big rocket surely packs a punch and is definitely a fantastic firework! We’d highly recommend this for its great price and effective, large explosion. Click here to see more


We thought we’d add a fountain here, and what better than to add this fantastic fountain! Click here to see firework


This cheap firework is amazing for personal displays. They are truly fantastic in every way and we highly recommend for small gatherings! Click here to view