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Firework Training from Firework Crazy

Fireworks are always entertaining to watch, but behind their beauty lies powerful forces. When you’re dealing with fireworks, you’re dealing with explosives, and you need proper training to ensure you keep yourself and the people enjoying fireworks with you safe. Indeed, certain fireworks are not even available for people without the right qualifications.
Firework Crazy loves to spread the joy of fireworks. Our fireworks training courses will help you develop your skills and enjoy fireworks safely. If you’re interested in professional fireworks firer qualifications, then we also have courses for you.
Here is a look at what we offer.
Please note prices and offers are correct as of 9th March 2018, but are subject to course availability and change. We will update courses periodically as soon as we know the new dates.

Fireworks Training for Retail Fireworks

If you’re new to fireworks and looking to put on a good show using retail fireworks, we have a basic firework training course for you. Note that with retail categories we are talking about F2 and F3 category fireworks, which you can buy without a specific licence from retailers like us.

What Will You Learn?

The training day will teach you general information about fireworks and fireworks safety. You will learn about different types of fireworks, how to handle and store fireworks safely and legally, as well as information on setting up your display. You will also be taught about display site layout, the setup, the firing process, and cleaning up afterwards.
The day is divided into a theory part and the practice session, during which you get to set up the fireworks. Trained professionals are on site watching your every move. You can ask them for tips and help at any point.

What Does it Cost?

The course costs £175. If you purchase over £1,000 worth of retail fireworks at Firework Crazy, you can attend the training session for free.
The course fee includes tea, coffee and light refreshments throughout the day. You’ll also get to enjoy a free hot lunch and there is an option to purchase hot food in the evening.
All protective clothing required to fire the fireworks safely is also provided free of charge.

When is the Next Available Course?

You can book your spot now for the next available date on Saturday 22nd September 2018.

Firework Training Experience Day for Category F4 Fireworks

For those interested in professional level display fireworks, our experience day is a good way to see what the life of a qualified pyrotechnician is like. This day is not about gaining official qualifications, but to gain experience in professional fireworks.
In fact, if you are thinking about a career in fireworks this is definitely a worthwhile experience. We often recruit people from the event – either for regular positions at Firework Crazy or for seasonal help in November.
Although you’ll be learning about professional fireworks, you don’t need any prior experience in F4 fireworks to join the day.

What Will You Learn at the Experience Day?

During the one-day event, you will meet the Firework Crazy team and learn about different firework types, with the focus being on the F4 category. We’ll explain the differences between retail (F2 & F3) and professional (F4) fireworks.
There will also be plenty of information on firework safety, setting up the displays and following legal requirements. You’ll be able to undergo some ‘hands on’ learning too, and if you want, you can join us after the training for setting up a professional display.
If you come to this training display, you can use it to count towards your professional BPA qualification.

What Does the Experience Day Cost?

The day ordinarily costs £200, but currently has a staggering £150 discount available when booking, so you can do the course for just £50. A steal!
The fee includes lunch, dinner and refreshments. You’ll also receive a copy of the comprehensive training manual to take away with you.

When is the Next Available Experience Day?

We’re currently accepting bookings for an experience session on Saturday 5th May 2018.

Fireworks Training for Official Firer Qualifications

In order to be able to set up professional displays using F4 fireworks, you will need to obtain the official BPA qualifications. This official qualifications scheme is set up by BPA and you can obtain it from qualified trainers across the country. Your training will include theory and practice, ending with an exam you must pass. You’ll also need to have experience from a specific number of professional displays before you can participate in these courses.
The qualifications are divided into Level 1 for the basic professional training and Level 2 for a senior-level qualification. You can attend both courses with us.

What Will You Learn?

The training lasts for two-days during which you’ll learn about:

  • Basic firework chemistry
  • Firework types and the different effects
  • Designing firework display sites
  • Firing methods
  • Disposal and emergency procedures

The Level 1 course and Level 2 course will lead to their respective qualifications and you will receive an identification card to prove you’ve passed the training. The Level 1 qualification allows you to fire professional fireworks and the Level 2 expands your ability to supervise professional displays. After five years, you’ll have to take a one-day refresher course on the latest safety rules.

What Do the Courses Cost?

For both courses, the cost is £195 inclusive of VAT per course. Firers who work with Firework Crazy get to participate free of charge.
The fee includes lunch and refreshments on both days, as well as the exam fee.

When are the Next Available Courses?

The next available training course for Level 1 takes place on April 14th and 15th 2018.
If you’re interested in Senior Firer qualifications, contact us for more information at

Fireworks Training and Qualifications for Transporting Fireworks

If you’re a professional fireworks firer and you need to carry fireworks as part of your profession, you’ll need to obtain the right qualifications. The license needed is called ADR and it’s a Europe-wide agreement covering the transportation of dangerous goods by road.

What Will You Learn?

The course lasts for two and half days, during which you’ll learn about the handling and transportation of fireworks safely. The course covers the core ADR module and the Class 1 explosive models with an exam at the end of the course. If you pass, you’ll receive a licence that allows you to transport professional fireworks by road.

What Does the Course Cost?

The course fee is £195 inclusive of VAT. If you work as a firer with Firework Crazy, you can do this training free.
Contact us for more information about the course and the next available dates at
If you’re interested in making your fireworks displays safer or perhaps even starting a career in pyrotechnics, our fireworks training courses are definitely worth taking. You’ll learn a lot about fireworks, meet new people and have a lot of fun during the process.
Don’t forget that we also offer first aid training to add an extra layer of security to your firing site. The next course will take place on May 13thcontact us for more information.
You can read about all of our training courses on our Firework Training website.

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