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Firework Displays from Chinese New Year 2018

The Year of the Dog is here and as always, Chinese New Year celebrations were spectacular around the world. Fireworks are naturally a big part of the Chinese New Year and the celebrations in 2018 witnessed some amazing fireworks displays around the world. If you want to see what happened over the weekend, here are some of the best fireworks displays from Chinese New Year.

Hong Kong Fireworks

It’s not a surprise Hong Kong would have thrown a stunning fireworks display to celebrate the New Year. The city had a massive party with an impressive number of fireworks used. There are plenty of colours on display – focus is on red, green and purple, which are the lucky colours for dogs.
The video starts with clips from the overall celebrations in Hong Kong, with the impressive fireworks show starting at around the 1:13 mark.

River Hongbao, Singapore

Singapore also threw a big party to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The fantastic fireworks display took place at River Hongbao. It features massive fireworks, plenty of good music and the stunning backdrop of the Singapore skyline. It’s a great demonstration of the falling leaves effect, which is heavily used in this particular display.

New York Fireworks

New York is famous for its New Year’s Ball Drop but the Big Apple also throws a great party every year for Chinese New Year. This year’s show was a display with a bit of a difference, as the fireworks were fired from a moving boat! This added a dramatic effect, making the display look truly spectacular. The display also had a wonderful use of music – including some fantastic classical music!

Wellington Fireworks

New Zealand also has a big Chinese population and this means the country celebrates Chinese New Year in style. Wellington held an impressive fireworks display to mark the occasion with plenty of big rockets to wow the crowds. It’s a beautiful display with plenty of big moments to make your jaw drop.

Beijing Street Fireworks

Plenty of people also create their own fireworks displays in China and around the world. In Beijing, the authorities actually banned fireworks in the inner city but on the outskirts, people did still enjoy sparklers and mines. Here’s a video clip showcasing some of the best street fireworks around this beautiful city.

Dubai Light Show

Finally, you should check out Dubai’s funky light show. The display doesn’t, unfortunately, use any cool fireworks but it looks impressive. The show is a projection of lights on a skyscraper and it features plenty of stunning colours and effects. It’s definitely worth checking out for the effects – we just think it’d look better with a few fireworks!

The fireworks displays from Chinese New Year did not disappoint this year! Due to being the Year of the Dog, the displays were beautifully built around the colours green, red and purple. The shows ended up looking brilliant – matching colours are definitely worth considering even on your own show! So, head down to the Firework Crazy store for the perfect fireworks to celebrate any occasion!

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