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Firework Champions 2017 Newby Hall

On 22nd July, the incredible Newby Hall will kick start the annual Fireworks Champions events across the country. You will be able to witness four great firework displays choreographed to stunning music in this beautiful location in Ripon, Yorkshire.
Firework Crazy will also be performing again this year, after our victory last year. We won’t be at Newby Hall but at Eastnor Castle later in the summer.
But what to expect from the starting event in Newby Hall?

What happens at Firework Champions 2017?

As those of you who read the Firework Crazy blog last year or have been to a Firework Champions event before will know, Firework Champions shows feature four displays, with the final show being performed by the event’s organiser MLE Pyrotechnics. Each firework display team will perform a 10-minute display to music.
You won’t just need to admire the display – you also get to participate in crowning the winner. The audience will have the ability to vote for their favourite display on their mobile phones via text message.
You’ll receive a text confirming your vote and letting you know how the competition is going. MLE’s ‘Voice on the Night’, Russ McLean, will be on hand to keep you updated with everything that’s going on.
For a taste of what’s to come, here’s a clip from last year’s competition:


Who is performing at Newby Hall?

There are three firework companies competing against each other. The Newby Hall Firework Champions 2017 entries include:

Atom Fireworks

This firework display group participated in their first Firework Champions in the UK last year and ended up taking the top spot at Ragley Hall. MLE Pyrotechnics decided to invite Atom Fireworks back for 2017. Jason Graham has designed their performance for this year.

Cambridge Fireworks

Cambridge Fireworks’ history goes all the way back to 1956, when the display group first started performing. The display company only performs in their spare time, leaving happy customers behind everywhere they go. Don’t let the part-time status fool you; Cambridge Fireworks will be there to win the competition!

Magical Fireworks

The small display team has over 80 years’ worth of experience so you can expect quite a show. Magical Fireworks performs in all sorts of events across the country.
The evening will end with a longer display. The closing show will rest on the organiser’s broad shoulders, as MLE Pyrotechnics will take the stage. The group is one of the leading UK firework companies and it’s been performing internationally as well.

Get involved with Firework Champions 2017 at Newby Hall

The gates open at 5pm, and you’ll get to enjoy music and entertainment before the firework shows start. The gates close for entry at 9pm. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the event, although there will also be on-site vendors to treat your taste buds.
You can book tickets for the event on the official Firework Champions site.
It’s a great occasion to get involved with fireworks and you can find inspiration for your own fireworks display on the night!
Come back next week and we’ll have all the videos from the first Firework Champions event of 2017.

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