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Even More Hot New Fireworks for 2016

Welcome to the third and final instalment – until we receive more hot new fireworks that we can sell online and in-store – of our feature looking at the brilliant new fireworks we are looking forward to selling bundles of in 2016.
In the previous two instalments we have featured some brilliant fireworks, including those that pack a huge, loud punch and that deserve to be the centerpiece of any fireworks display. Somehow, we’ve managed to raise the bar even higher. It’s not for us to say that we’ve left the best until last; we’ll leave that up to you guys.
However, here are two – actually four, but you’ll see what we mean – of the biggest and best new fireworks you’ll see anywhere in 2016. Both – or all four – are from the brilliant Mars Pyrotechnics.
Strap yourself in.

The Informer and The Punisher

Two stunning 1.3g 49 shot, 30mm maximum bore cakes hide inside their pyromesh cage just itching to escape. The Informer fires pulsating volleys of coloured tails to bursts of silver to red palms with time rain before a finale volley of saultes to red strobes. The Punisher is equally mean with coloured tails to red peony and titanium chrysanthemums and a finale volley of salutes to red strobes.
The information you see on the product page is per firework – so double the numbers depending on whether you’re going to fire concurrently or consecutively.
This fireworks pack is available at £139.99.
Check out The Informer and The Punisher below, or buy them here now.

Jekyll and Hyde

Two stunning 1.3g 48 shot, 30mm maximum bore cakes; Jekyll and Hyde are designed to be fired as a pair for maximum impact. Both filling the sky with huge bursts of red, blue green and gold dahlia plenty of strobes and huge crackling time rain finale. Of course, you could fire these as two separate cakes for double the duration, but together you get double the impact and the intended result!
Again, the information you see on the product page is per firework. However you decide to use Jekyll and Hyde, both you and your audience are sure to be blown away.
Jekyll and Hyde weighs in at £5 cheaper than The Informer and The Punisher, at £134.99.
Check out the video for Jekyll and Hyde below, or buy the pack here.

What have been your favourite fireworks that we’ve featured in this series looking at the early additions to our range in 2016? Have you purchased and tried any for yourself yet?
Get in touch with us via our social channels to tell us what you think or to ask us any additional questions.
Check out our YouTube channel for videos of fireworks we’ve tested already that will be added to our range later in 2016.

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