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Creative Options for Decorating Your Dancefloor

Every wedding needs a proper dancefloor to allow guests to show off their best moves. But you don’t just want to rely on a winning wedding band, a DJ and a spacious dancefloor. You should look to add a twist to the dancefloor, too.
Since we’ve been writing our series about creating a fireworks themed wedding, our dancefloor decorating tips are all about sparkle and fun. What are some of the best creative options for decorating your dancefloor?

Confetti Cannon

indoor wedding fireworks
You should consider surprising your guests with a good old-fashioned confetti cannon. When the music starts, the cannon could shoot colourful confetti across the dancefloor. You could opt for glittery confetti or just colourful shredded paper, depending on your chosen wedding colours.
The confetti cannon could either shoot from the sides of the dancefloor or you could pick one that hangs in the ceiling. You could even have confetti fall a few times throughout the night to ensure everyone gets in on the fun.

Exploding Confetti Balloons

Another fun option is to buy confetti balloons and have them fall down at some point. You could turn this into a wedding competition. In one of the balloons, you could have placed a one-off sign or piece of paper that would help the finder win a restaurant booking or something similar. People could line up with little pins to punch the balloons and see who wins the exclusive prize!

Confetti Pom-Poms in the Ceiling

If you don’t like the idea of confetti floating down on the dancefloor, you could just add a visual impact of confetti. Create tiny confetti pom-poms and decorate the ceiling above the dancefloor with the pom-poms. Your pom-poms can be hung with strings of different lengths to create an illusion of them falling down.

Decorative Balloons

decorative balloons
Alternatively, you could just place many glistening balloons above and around the dancefloor. These don’t need to explode – unless you really want this effect – or sprinkle confetti around. They would just look beautiful and add a bit of fun to the dancefloor.
A superb idea would be to opt for see-through balloons with a slight glittery finish. When the dancefloor lights hit the balloons, it would create a beautiful sparkle around the room.
A dancefloor is a must-have for all wedding receptions but you shouldn’t just designate an area for dancing and think “that’ll do”. You can also decorate it to make it more inviting and fun – some guests need a bit of reassuring before they hit the dancefloor with their moves, and this might be just the encouragement they need!
This post is part 5 of an 8-part series being produced in collaboration by Firework Crazy and Freak Music.

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