How to choose fireworks for your gender reveal?

Are you an expectant parent looking for a cool way to reveal the gender of your soon-to-arrive baby? Why not reveal the baby’s sex with fireworks? 


Gender-reveal fireworks are a great way to add an extra spark to this special moment and have become a popular way for expectant parents to announce the sex of their baby. 


In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of gender-reveal fireworks available and provide tips on choosing the perfect ones for your celebration. 

What is a gender-reveal firework?

Gender-reveal fireworks are designed to emit colours corresponding to the baby’s gender. They typically create a dazzling display of pink or blue hues that light up the sky and fill the air with excitement.


They are like coloured party poppers; however, instead of confetti, they contain coloured smoke or sparks. 

Couple holding blue gender reveal smoke flares

Types of gender reveal fireworks

Gender reveal comes in various forms, including smoke bombs and aerial shells. Each type is designed to produce specific visual effects that reveal the baby’s gender.

Here are the most common types of gender reveal fireworks: 

Gender reveal smoke bombs

These are small canisters that emit coloured smoke when ignited. The smoke will be either pink or blue to represent whether the baby is a girl or a boy. 


A smoke bomb needs to be lit with a match to activate. Once ignited, the chemicals inside react and generate a cloud of smoke. As the cloud disperses, the colour becomes more apparent, and you can catch the moment of reveal on camera. 


While gender-reveal smoke bombs are visually stunning, safety precautions are essential, as these are handheld fireworks. You should also ensure you only use them in open outdoor spaces and avoid flammable materials. 

Gender reveal rocket fireworks

Gender reveal fireworks resemble traditional rocket fireworks but are designed for gender reveal. They are loaded with either pink or blue powder, ignited to create bursts of pink or blue stars when launched into the sky.


To initiate the gender reveal rockets, position the rocket on a steady outdoor surface and ignite the fuse. This will propel the rocket into the sky, where it will explode and light up the sky with your baby’s gender. 

Gender reveal torch

Gender reveal torches are handheld devices that emit coloured flames when ignited.


Similar to smoke bombs, these torches are designed to produce either pink or blue flames, providing a visual cue to indicate the baby’s gender.

To activate the gender reveal torch, it must be lit with a match or lighter. Once ignited, the torch burns, and the coloured flame is revealed. 


Similar to smoke bombs, gender-reveal torches should be handled with care and safety instructions should be followed to prevent accidents or burns.  

Gender reveal roman candles

Roman candles are long cylindrical tubes with multiple chambers for firing coloured pellets. Gender reveal Roman candles contain pink or blue pellets or balls. 


To activate gender reveal Roman candles, should be placed on the ground and ignited. When lit, they shoot out coloured pellets into the air sequentially, creating a stunning display of pink or blue. 

Gender reveal firework barrages

Gender reveal barrages are specialised firework packages designed for gender reveal celebrations. Inside the barrage package is an assortment of smaller fireworks ( each individually wrapped to conceal its colour ). Typically, these include fountains, stars and strobes. 


To activate gender reveal barrages, the packaging should be opened, revealing the assortment of wrapped fireworks. Then, each pyrotechnic item should be lit individually to produce its effect. Alternatively, you can use a remote ignition system to set up signals to let the fireworks off. 

Use Remote ignition for your gender-reveal fireworks

To save time and ensure ultimate safety when using fireworks for gender reveal celebrations, you can use remote ignition systems. Instead of lighting fireworks by hand, expectant parents can set them off with a remote control. 


So how does remote ignition work?


The remote control sends signals to fireworks, which have receivers. When you press a button, the signal ignites the fireworks, shooting them into the sky or producing sparks. For safety, these systems have limits and fail-safes to prevent accidents.

Setting up a remote-controlled fireworks system is straightforward:


  1. First, ensure the transmitter and receivers are correctly paired according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  2. Then, place the fireworks in a safe and suitable location, facing the audience or desired viewing area. 
  3. Next, activate the system and test each firework’s responsiveness to the remote control. 
  4. Once everything works correctly, establish a clear line of sight between the transmitter and receivers, minimising potential obstacles or interference. 
  5. Finally, adhere to all safety guidelines and regulations, including maintaining a safe distance from the fireworks during setup and operation, to ensure a successful and enjoyable display.

Must Have Gender Reveal Fireworks

At Firework Crazy, we have a wide selection of fireworks perfect for gender reveals. Check out these: 

Safety tips for choosing and using gender-reveal fireworks

  • Before purchasing fireworks, check with local laws regarding where you can let off fireworks in your area. 
  • Choose fireworks suitable for the size of your venue. For example, a large rocket is not recommended for a garden gender reveal. 
  • Make sure to follow and read manufacturer guidelines when using fireworks. 
  • Set up a designated area for setting off fireworks, away from buildings, trees and flammable materials. 
  • Choose a designated person responsible for making sure everyone follows safety protocols. 
  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on hand in case of accidents

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