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Cheering Yourself Up After the General Election

The General Election is looming over us like a super tornado. We’ve now had weeks of continuous election coverage, and most of us have probably had enough.
Given what the polls are saying, the Friday after we’ve flocked to the polls is probably not going to be filled with victory talks or admissions of defeats by our new government and the opposition, but rather a day of intense negotiations and maybe even some more mud-slinging to go with what we’ve already experienced.
So what to do when you have the General Election bluesafter this is all finally over or at least closer to the end?

Consider Emigrating

There are always going to be losers in elections and since immigration has been such a hot topic, you might as well back your own bags if you feel sad about the outcome.

This idyllic scene will surely make the election blues go away. Image courtesy of Thomas Depenbusch, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.
Spain is a little too obvious a destination, so consider something exotic. Norway has a ton of oil for a comfortable retirement, plenty of fish to eat and you’ll also get to continue gossiping about the royal family, the Norwegian style.

Close the TV

Let’s face it, we’ve already spent way too many hours debating about debates, listening to politicians completely ignore the questions, speculating about the outcome and it’s about time to stop.
Close the TV and consider blocking any mention of the words General Election. There are other things to do, even though it may seem hard to understand now.
Go outside and celebrate the upcoming summer. Invite your friends over, but ban the following words: elections, coalition, prime minister, government, economic recovery, man of the people and hardworking families.

mostusedwordselectionSome of the words most used during the debates in 2010 General Election. Image courtesy of Steven Kay, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.

Vent Out Your Anger

If you are overtaken with the emotion the wrong side won or you just can’t stand any of this political non-sense, find a way to vent out your anger.
Go into a safe space, like a utility closet or the shed in your garden, and just stomp your foot in anger. Curse democracy and everyone who went and voted.
The quicker you get rid off the sadness and anger, the sooner the healing process begins. Besides, soon this all will start over again and you can stand as an MP yourself to avoid disappointment.

Have a ‘Survived General Elections’ Party

Whether or not we have a government, you’ve still survived the countless hours of political drivel and you’ve done your civic duty by voting. You might also have gone down the anarchic route and stayed home with the curtains closed.
Nonetheless, you deserve a party with fireworks to mark the historic occasion that we may or may not have a new government. Perhaps the Queen has had to declare herself as the new supreme leader, which makes a party even more fitting.
Create a big display of colourful fireworks to represent the new colourful political scene. Organise a bacon sandwich eating contest and dress up as a lamb for recreating those classic campaign moments with your friends and family.

Corporate Product Launch from Firework Crazy on Vimeo.
You’ll feel instantly more cheerful about the future after a proper fireworks party.
It’s tough to get back to normal, but you can do it.If all else fails, just turn off your phone, the TV, and stay away from social media for a few weeks, and you’ll be fine!

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