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Celtic Fireworks New for Fireworks Season 2017

Our great firework manufacturers have provided us with such an amazing list of fireworks from Roman candles to Single Ignition Boxes. In this series, we’ve been looking at the best new fireworks for firework season 2017 from our suppliers. Today, we turn attention to Celtic Fireworks.
Celtic Fireworks is one of the biggest importers of professional fireworks in the UK. The demand for professional-style fireworks is so big they now have a range of retail fireworks for everyone to enjoy. This includes some fantastic new items for 2017.
The prices mentioned in the post are correct as of October 17th 2017. While we want you to enjoy the cheapest possible prices, sometimes we might have to tweak offers or change prices on our items, though remember if you find the same firework cheaper elsewhere you can take advantage of our price match guarantee.
Let’s see what Celtic Fireworks has in store for the fireworks season 2017.

Crazy Crackles

Crazy Crackles is simple but fun crackling-style cake to add to your display. The firework fires 16 shots in 25 seconds and it makes a great garden firework. You can find it at our online store for £8.99.


Celtic Dawn

For a glittering addition to your display, look no further than to Celtic Dawn. This 25-shot firework shoots purple chrysanthemums and green tails with gold strobing. You can buy this great firework for £11.99.


Happy Shepherd

Happy Shepherd will provide you with red, blue and purple stars with a golden twilight glitter. The firework lasts for 30 seconds during which it shoots 16 shots. It’s small, convenient and you can buy it for just £13.99.


Spin Doctor

If you don’t want a display with many loud noises, you should check out Spin Doctor. For a low noise firework, it packs quite a punch in terms of the effects. You’ll enjoy beautiful red and green tails with huge gold tourbillions. This professional range firework costs only £24.99 on our online store – it’s £5 discount to its usual price.


Go Go Go

Another new low noise firework from Celtic Fireworks is the Go Go Go. This is aimed at big displays – it lasts for 30 seconds but shoots an impressive 100 shots! It’s a beautiful firework with strobe bouquets and red crackling. You can find it online for £69.99.


Fork Handles

This 49-shot cake is definitely something different to add to your shopping bag. It’s a huge 22mm cake firing in banks of seven – you’ll experience red bouquet mines and whistling silver crosettes. Buy Fork Handles online for £34.99.


Jelly Beams

When it comes to colour, it doesn’t get much better than Jelly Beams. This 30-shot firework is a stunning display of bright colours and crackling effects. Jelly Beams is an absolute showstopper that could be yours for £44.99.


Mish Mash

Single Ignition Boxes are a great way to create a stunning display without buying a number of different fireworks. Mish Mash is definitely a display in its own right – it lasts for a minute, shooting peonies, chrysanthemums, stars and palms. There’s a lot of colour, noise and effects in this little box. Mish Mash is available with £10 off for £49.99.

As you can see, Celtic Fireworks has provided us with some fantastic new fireworks for 2017. If you want to add more effects and colours to your display, then check out the above fireworks. For more, don’t forget to browse our selection of new fireworks for 2017!

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