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Brothers Pyrotechnics & Jorge Fireworks New for Fireworks Season 2017

In our final post looking at all our new fireworks for 2017, we’ll be looking at two of the biggest firework suppliers we work with: Brothers Pyrotechnics and Jorge.
Prices quoted in the article are correct as of October 23rd 2017.

Brothers Pyrotechnics

Let’s start with Brothers Pyrotechnics. They are definitely one of the biggest firework companies in the world. These quality fireworks are always a good pick for your displays.

Neighbour from Hell Display Kit

This firework kit includes three cakes and altogether it shoots 81 shots over the period of 120 seconds. You’ll get to enjoy a mixture of effects and plenty of vivid colours. There will be bursts of blue, red and white to add colour to your display.
The cool thing about this display kit is that you can fire each cake on its own or link them together to make a larger firework. You can even save £25 when you buy Neighbour from Hell Display Kit online for £139.99.


Hercules Limited Edition

Brothers Pyrotechnics has also brought out a limited edition of its popular firework Hercules. This 107-shot cake is full of effects and noise. The mixed firing pattern will shoot titanium salutes and brocade all over the sky. It’s also available to buy on our online store for £99.99, which is a massive £30 saving!



Jorge is another gigantic firework importer – in fact, one of Europe’s largest. They have a collection of stunning fireworks with beautiful effects and colours.


This neat little mine cake is a firework with a difference. In fact, we think it might be one of the biggest selling fireworks of 2017. It isn’t a wonder, as the 16-shot mine has beautiful effects from strobing stars to silver serpents. You really have to see it for yourself in the below video. It’s a fantastic addition to any display. You can buy JW904 for £17.59.


Generation 5 – JW32

Generation 5 is another lovely mine cake that adds plenty of colour and sound to your display. The cake lasts for 30 seconds, during which it launches 19 shots of crackling comet tails and gold palms into the air. You can buy it now and save £5. Generation 5 is available for £24.99.

As you can see, our suppliers treat us with stunning fireworks – and it happens every firework season! So, stay tuned for new fireworks for firework season 2018. OK, perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves here! But if you do want the best fireworks for the end of 2017, then check the Firework Crazy store.

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