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British Musical Fireworks Championship 2018

Fireworks are always magical but music can add a little something to a display. At the end of September, it’s once again time to see what the best fireworks display groups can come up with when they are challenged to combine fireworks and music. It’s time for the British Musical Fireworks Championship 2018!

The competition has been running for a long time, as this year’s competition is the 28th. British Musical Fireworks Championship will return to Victoria Park in Southport. So, what to know about the competition and how to get involved?

When and where is the competition being held?

As mentioned, the competition takes place in Victoria Park in Southport. The three-day event starts on the 28th of September and ends on the 30th of September. The area will be open for access each night at 6 pm with the event lasting until 9 pm. Aside from the fireworks, the event has plenty of good food and drinks, music and other entertainment to keep you busy until the displays begin.


What are the rules of the competition and who are the competing teams?

British Musical Fireworks Championship is about finding the best team to create an awe-inspiring show of fireworks and music. The fireworks must be timed with the music and the judges are looking for both components, as well as the way they interact with each other.

It’s estimated that the whole competition will use over two tonnes of explosives. Each display has taken over ten technicians to create, most of them working for 12 hours to get the wiring sorted. So you can expect to see quite a bit of magic!

The competition will feature seven teams. The competing teams are:

  • Kimbolton Fireworks and Phenomenal performing on Friday 28
  • Blitz Fireworks, Fireworks Effects and Illusion Fireworks performing on Saturday 29
  • Rainbow Fireworks and Distant Thunder Fireworks performing on Sunday 30

The winner is picked by a group of judges who are all fireworks specialist. In fact, one of them is the Queen’s personal pyrotechnician!

How to get involved with British Musical Fireworks Championship 2018?

If you want to get involved with British Musical Fireworks Championship and experience the wonder of fireworks in Southport, you can buy tickets to the event online. The online tickets come with a discount and you can purchase the discounted tickets until 9 pm on the 14th of September. The remaining tickets will then be sold online or on the gate at their normal price.

It’s possible to purchase tickets for one night only or you can attend the event on each of the nights! It’s also possible to park nearby for a fee of £5 per car.

Enjoying fireworks this summer

British Musical Fireworks Championship is a great way to say goodbye to summer and welcome the busy firework season. Halloween, Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner! So, enjoy one last – hopefully! – warm summer night of fireworks in Southport and draw inspiration to your own displays. As always, you can find the best fireworks for your displays from the Firework Crazy website.

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