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Black Cat Standard Fireworks New for Firework Season 2017

BlackCat/Standard Fireworks is a name that for many years has been synonymous with fireworks. They have been a staple household name, creating some fantastic selection boxes full of unique fireworks from Jumping Jacks to Traffic Lights. If you want something fun, unique and full of firepower, then BlackCat/Standard will provide you with the goods.
The prices and offers mentioned below were correct as of October 13th 2017. But to get the most accurate information regarding price, do check the website. We do our best to provide you with the cheapest prices in the UK but we might occasionally have to change our pricing.
So, let’s check out what BlackCat/Standard has in store for us in 2017!

Hot Shots Missile Cake

A good firework display always needs a bit of a kick. We’re talking about the rapid firing of fireworks that add brightness and noise to your show. Hot Shots Missile Cake is the perfect example of such a firework. It fires 100 shots in the space of 40-seconds, reaching heights of 20 metres. You’ll get a full swarm of missile type shots with plenty of boom and brightness. It’s also a category F2 firework so you’ll only need around 8 metres for safety distance – perfect even for a small garden.
The Hot Shots Missile Cake is available for purchase for £4.99. Unfortunately, we don’t have a video for the firework out yet but you can get an idea of what to expect from this single ignition box called Aquarius.



We’ve also added Sorcery to our collection. This stunning cake is yet another powerful addition to your garden display. You get to enjoy 12 shots of stars and glitter over 20 seconds. It’s a quirky little cake that’ll put a smile on your face.
You’ll smile even more when you find out that we’re offering Sorcery with a Buy One Get One Free deal right now. That’s right, you can purchase the firework for £11.99 and get another one free.

5-Minute Display Pack

Finally, we need to mention the BlackCat/Standard firework display pack on offer on our site. The display pack contains the following fireworks by the company:

In addition, you’ll get four Heavy Metal Rockets by Absolute Fireworks! Together, these fireworks create a stunning five-minute show. We’re offering it for half price – the display pack is available for just £250. If you want convenience, fun and amazing fireworks, then this is definitely the thing to buy.
BlackCat/Standard has produced some amazing fireworks over the years. You have amazing standalone cakes and plenty of fireworks to add to your quirky display. So, check them out on our online store and add a bit of magic to your displays.

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