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Best of the Brands: Our Top Fireworks To Buy

One of the best aspects of our job is how we get to deal with such amazing fireworks companies that share our passion and love of fireworks.
Because there are so many amazing brands out there, we wanted to tell you a bit about the brands we work with and their amazing fireworks. Although it is nearly impossible to pick the best from these brands, we’ve tried to select our favourites for you to sample.
Here’s the first part of our list.

Absolute Fireworks

We’ve worked with Absolute Fireworks since they were founded and love the company’s innovate products. The fireworks by Absolute Fireworks are among the best in the UK – no wonder as they are constantly innovating new products.
The Super Brocade firework is an amazing pick from them. It’s 25 shots of huge gold tails and brocade crowns. It is a must-have crowd-pleaser to include to yourdisplays.

Black Cat/Standard Fireworks

The company is almost synonymous with exciting fireworks. Black Cat/Standard Fireworks always has fantastic funky names for their products and great basic fireworks for no-fuss displays.
Among our favourites is the Big Wheel firework. It’s unique and full of colour.

Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks is one of the most well known companies in the industry. They are among the largest importers of professional category 4 fireworks in the country, and so the company knows what it takes to create amazing displays.
Celtic Fireworks are surely going to add that professional look to your garden parties. This newcomer from last year, Guns & Roses, is 25 shots of full blast fun.

Jorge Fireworks

Jorge is a company that is all about range. Their product line-up is among the best in the world – the depth of quality fireworks is fantastic! Our customers also seem to agree, as it is among our top selling brands.
Their Uran firework cake is a fantastic product to try. You’ll get plenty of colours and effects to enjoy. On top of this, it’s a low noise firework – perfect for families with small children or pets!

Royal Party Fireworks

Royal Party Fireworks is a great supplier of fun and colourful products. They regularly add new twists to their line-up, so it’s always exciting to see what they have come up with next.
Kick Off was among their new products in 2014 and it’s a perfect explosive firework for impressive displays! With 85 shots of different effects and colours, your crowd is going to be super impressed.


Sovereign’s fireworks are very hard to come by and their mines are among our biggest selling products. They are a great provider of the so-called building block fireworks to your displays.
The 3 Inch Mine options are a must-have for any firework lover. Among our favourites is the Gold Rain to Blue firework, as the beautiful colours are a popular pick for wedding displays, for instance!


Vulcan is another staple of the UK Firework industry. Their expertise in the professional world also adds a lot to their retail line, guaranteeing you get to enjoy the best quality fireworks.
The New Music firework, which we added to our selection last year, is a beautiful firework that adds a bit of professional flair to your display.

Total FX

Whenever we are looking to add a bit of a bang to our product line, we check out what Total FX has an offer. Their fireworks are massive and they are the dream product for fireworks fanatics.
The Caged Tiger Pro is a must-have pick for anyone looking to create a professional-looking display. You’ll get to enjoy 112 shots of brocades, stars and peonies – did we even mention the chrysanthemums and crackling stars? Well, you get the picture!

Launch Kontrol

We’d also like to remind you that our product line-up includes everything you need for safe and fun use of fireworks.
Launch Kontrol has been providing us with a great remote control systems for firing your fireworks and we love their products!
The Pulse system was launched in 2013 and it has been a big hit among our customers. It makes firing fireworks remotely easy and you can fire up to 4 fireworks with the system.
Which brands are your favourites? Let us know here or via social media, whether it’s a brand overall or a specific firework!

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