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Best of the Brands: Our Top Fireworks to Buy Part 2

The world is full of wonderful firework brands and we have the privilege of working with some of the best here at Fireworks Crazy.
In this second part of the blog, we will continue listing some of the brands we work with and reveal our favourite fireworks from their line-ups. Although it’s impossible to pick just one favourite, these fireworks are definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something fun and impressive.
So here are our top fireworks by the following amazing brands.

Benwell Fireworks

Benwell Fireworks has some of the best rocket packs that we’ve seen. They are sure to add a lot more professionalism to your display – whether you are just looking for something for the New Year or even your wedding.
The Phoenix Triple Break Rockets pack was a newcomer in 2014 and it impressed us big time! The four rockets provide you with a 60g burst, with plenty of different effects and colours.

Brothers Pyrotechnics

Brothers Pyrotechnics is among the biggest fireworks companies in the world, so they truly know what they are doing. We’ve been working with them for years and enjoy the amazing product line-up on offer.
They are constantly innovating new things as well. Last year, Lavish was among their newest fireworks and we instantly fell in love with it.

Crown Collection

Crown Collection is the quirky provider of our favourite noisy products. If you are looking for something loud and impressive, then they will provide you with great products.
The Three Stage whistle is the perfect pick for people who love howling fireworks. The 16 shots provide you three different whistling effects – a must have for young teenagers!

Fireworks International

We have quite a few companies we’ve worked for years and Fireworks International is among our trusted suppliers. It isn’t any wonder, as some of our most sold fireworks like Triple H Bomb has come from the company.
One of their quirkier products is the Crackling Snake firework. It shoots little crackling bursts in to the air in a snake like design. It is a fun firework to add to children’s parties, as kids love the little bursts of explosives.

Magnum Series Fireworks

This brand is quite a new brand in the UK fireworks industry and we know it’s going to be a big hit among fans. The company puts a lot of emphasis on security, with all of their products being CE tested, which isn’t mandatory in the UK until 2017.
The Mega Mine firework was a brand new product in 2014 and it is quite a product to buy! You’ll be impressed with the noise and the beautiful columns of strobe effects.


We’ve been operating with the company since 1995 and have always been impressed by the quality of their products. Although they have a fantastic range of products available, we are especially keen to share the shanghai candles with you!
For example, this Crackling Comet Shanghai Candle is a staple product for semi-professional displays. You’ll get quite an impressive effect and you won’t be paying yourself sick either.


The Skycrafter brand is one of Brothers Pyrotechnics’ brands, produced with the same quality standard, but with the unique advantage of lower prices. This is a great brand to pick when you are looking for affordable quality fireworks.
Swords of Fire is among our favourite Skycrafter products. It’s a fantastic swirling mine, with plenty of effects and colours to enjoy. More importantly, you can currently find it at a discounted price since we slashed 50% off from the original price!

Tai Pan

We love Tai Pan’s fireworks for their quirkiness and exotic effects. The line-up is perfect on its own or as an addition in bigger semi-professional displays. There’s always something exciting to look for with Tai Pan.
Banging Bananas is a great 25 shot cake firework. It’s as fun as the name suggests and you’ll impress your friends with this golden firework.


We also have unique Bengal Flares available by Kimbolton. These firework flares are a great pick for the start of your display, as they add much more colour to your fireworks.
You could also use them in parties, for instance, together with simple golden sparkles.

Fireworks Crazy

On top of the brand products we’ve talked in these two blogs, we also have great variety packs available for you that we put together ourselves. These are perfect for bigger occasions and save you from the trouble of having to plan your display from scratch.
For instance, check out our Display Pack 3, which we created last year. It has fireworks worth of £1090, but you only need to pay £680 to enjoy them!
Fireworks are a great pick for so many occasions and they can really brighten up your day. Hopefully the above fireworks will add a bit more sparkle to your party next time.

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  1. Iv found a box of fire works in my loft its clean n dry loft an look brand new theres nondates on box or leaflet can i still use these saftly x

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