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Are There Any New Fireworks World Records?

Breaking records is always fun and in the world of fireworks, there are plenty of wacky records to be broken! Whenever you find out about a new fireworks world record, you are just amazed at what science and people’s imagination has come up with.

We’ve previously listed some of the biggest fireworks world records. But now it’s time to take a look back and see if some of the old records have been broken. Are there any new fireworks world records or have people stopped trying?

Largest Aerial Fireworks Shell

Many locations across the Middle East are in love with fireworks and they love to put on a great show when it comes to New Year’s Eve fireworks. It’s no wonder then that the United Arab Emirates launched the world’s largest aerial fireworks shell earlier this year.

The firework was launched by Al Marjan Island and Fireworks by Grucci on Al Marjan Island in Ras al Khaimah on January 1. The shell weighed a staggering 1,087.26 kilograms, which is just less than 2,400 pounds. It reached a height of 1,127 metres (3,697 ft.) from the ground to the top of the effect. This amazing firework had an inner diameter of 1,397 millimetres (55 in.) and the inner diameter of the mortar was 1,524 millimetres (60 in.).

It took over 600 hours to design the show and 70,000 hours to build the fireworks! It was simply a stunning effort and the firework took over the night sky. You can be amazed by it by watching the video below:


Most Sparklers Lit Simultaneously

Fireworks world records can also be done with the help of sparklers. The previous records have included a staggering 938 sparklers lit simultaneously during Fourth of July celebrations but this feat has now been broken.

The record was smashed quite convincingly by 1,713 people in Japan. The event took place on August 11 in Takarazuka, with the purpose of uniting the local people and making them proud. We certainly are proud, as it’s quite a challenge to get your family light up sparklers simultaneously, let alone almost 2,000 people!

New Fireworks World Records

These two are actually the only fireworks world records people have managed to break since we last talked about fireworks records. Perhaps someone will step up to the challenge and launch more fireworks from a pyrotechnic suit than Frenchman Mazuel Laurent Nat did in 2014. He attached over 600 fireworks into his suit and off they went!

It might also be time to finally break the Guinness Book of Records for the largest fireworks display. This is still the beautiful display in the Philippines and you can view it in the video clip below. With New Year’s Eve coming, this might be just on the horizon for many looking to get their names in the record books!


While you wait for new fireworks world records, you can create your own records by buying fireworks from the Firework Crazy store. We have many new fireworks to ensure you can pull off a great show for friends and family.

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