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5 Cheap Fireworks for a Budget Display

There’s no denying how great firework displays are for adding glamour and excitement to your parties. Whether you are planning a garden party or a big birthday bash, a short display will add a cool kick to your evening.
If you want to organise a fireworks display that doesn’t break the bank, then these five fireworks are a must-have. With these cheap gems, you can create a great display for under £100!

1. Vulcan 56 Shot Magnolia Candle for £12.99

Start your display with a bang and go for this 56 Shot Magnolia Candle. This firework is almost a display on its own, as you’ll get to enjoy a multitude of silver strobe bursts on the night sky.
It’s a fun way to start your display and immediately grab your guests’ attention.

2. Brothers Pyrotechnics Leaping Lizards for £6.99

Surprise your guests by adding a fountain-type firework next in your display. Fountains tend to rise only to heights of a few metres, but the crackling bursts of flares make it fun and exciting addition.
The Leaping Lizards firework will add plenty of colours to your display. It would also work well as the starter firework, so you can switch its place around if you want. This fountain lasts for over a minute and it’s a cool idea to fire the next firework a few seconds before Leaping Lizards finishes for a cool transition.

3. Jorge 50 Shot Pyro Show One Finale Barrage for £38.99

This firework by Jorge is a great value for money and you’ll be surprised to learn that it is a garden firework, so you can easily add it to your display. The 50 shots are a combination of crackling and glittering gold willows, shrieking whistles, and red, blue and green stars.
It’s a stunning firework and could work very well as the final piece of your display as well.

4. Vulcan Rocket Volley – Yellow and Silver Cascade for £25.00

Follow your barrage with these yellow and silver rockets. The eight rockets shoot almost to 30 metres tall and explode into beautiful cascading stars, leaving a lovely trail of sparkles behind them.
It’s great value for money at £25.00 and you can easily change the position in your display, depending on your personal preference.

5. Skycrafter Glitter Bombs for £7.49

Finally, you could add one of our favourite fireworks at the end of your display. This is a simple firework with stunning effects – you’ll get seven shots of gold crackling flowers. It’s a beautiful way to end your little fireworks show.
Furthermore, if you buy the firework now, you’ll get another one free! This means you have 14 shots to enjoy and you can place the other set of Glitter Bombs in the middle of your display.

You can trust these fireworks offer an amazing value for money. Although some of them are currently sale items, even if you did pay the full price, the above display would cost less than £150! So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping and give your party guests a night to remember!
Cover Image Credit: Paul Gallo (no3rdw on Flickr), CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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