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3 Steps to a Great Party

Throwing the perfect party is a very difficult task and many variables can throw a spanner in the works. Alcohol for one is the most spectacular variant, it can make or literally break your party, but you often cannot throw a credible party, at least in the eyes of your guests, without an abundant supply.
You have to be willing to break the mould, hire live entertainment or ensure there is a theme to the whole party. Think outside the box and you will get the success and response you need; there has to be a great selection of food and refreshments, at the very least.
Everyone loves a party and everybody adores a well-organized and fun party. A few essential things must be adhered to in order to get this right.

Great Food and Drink

Having great food and drink at your party is the second most important thing behind having guests there. If you ensure that the food provided is fresh, great tasting and varied then people will be delighted and leave satisfied, and want to come back for future parties hosted by you or invite you to the parties they host themselves.

party food
By Emin Bashirov (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
From a guest’s perspective, it is not too much to expect to have a good amount of tasty food available throughout the night. You have to make sure there is a wide ranging and regularly replenished stockpile of alcohol in your home, but you should remember that people might drive or simply not wish to consume alcohol at your party. Cater for everyone and ensure they can refresh themselves all through the night. If you tick the food and drink box then people will have no qualms stating your party was “the best they have been in ages”.
Splash out a bit of money and make sure that your guests are always having the best time possible. A party for the host will usually be a stressful affair and the benefits will only be realized after the event has finished. The last thing you want is a shortage of food and not enough refreshments to go round, buy more than you think you need just in case.


Ensure the vibe you create is conducive to having a fun and enjoyable evening. If you are going for a lively party then make sure the music reflects that, if you want a chilled party then the same thing applies. Create a room that is nicely decorated and ensure there is plenty to keep your guests engaged.
It is usually worth assigning one person to be responsible for the music, too.  We’re not saying you need to hire a DJ, but it is definitely worth ensuring one person is using your music system.  A great failsafe is to use an iPod docking station, start the music playing, and then lock the device so it cannot be changed.


Have something out of the ordinary at your party.  This might mean you buy fireworks from a business like ourselves for a surprise display at the end of the night, or have Spanish dancers come in and give a lesson to everyone at your party. Whatever you decide, make sure it enables your party to be even more memorable. If you go down the fireworks route, just remember that fireworks and alcohol aren’t good friends! You can read full safety guidance here.
Ensure these three steps to a great party are something you have in mind at all times, and you’ll never fail to be a great host and hold amazing parties and gatherings.

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