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1.3g vs 1.4g Fireworks

 We have listed below some common questions with regards to 1.3g & 1.4g firework classifications.


What does it mean?

1.3g and 1.4g are UN hazard and storage classifications given to fireworks.

Are 1.3g Fireworks more powerful?

Many people believe that all 1.3g fireworks are more potent than 1.4g fireworks, but this isn’t always the case. Different things can determine what makes a firework 1.3g or 1.4g such as it’s size, the number of certain chemicals and also the packaging.

In some instances, 1.3g fireworks are more potent than their 1.4g fireworks because they contain a larger quantity of flash powder. Or, for example, in the case of rockets, anything that has more than 20 grams of powder is classified 1.3g. However, you can have poor quality 1.3g fireworks that are made with cheap components and chemicals that are nowhere near as good 1.4g fireworks that are constructed from high-quality ingredients and chemicals.

Is delivery of 1.3g a problem.

For many companies delivering 1.3g products can be an issue. As a business, when you transport more than a certain amount of 1.4g (500kg) and 1.3g (50kg) fireworks, the driver needs to have an exclusive ADR license. There are other issues as well; but in short, it just makes it that little bit harder. We are fortunate that we have access to couriers that carry 1.3g, but due to the restrictions above, we have to make special arrangements.

Why do we need to let you know if we are collecting?

Just like the transport of 1.3g, the storage of 1.3g is also limited. For this reason, we’re also limited to the storage 1.3g on site., so it helps us to know when you are collecting 1.3g so we can arrange for it to be here when you arrive.

Do these rules apply to me as a customer as well?

There are no rules on the transport of 1.3g for personal use; however, depending on what you are ordering you may have to adhere to specific storage rules. We will advise you of these should they apply to you when you order.

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